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Historical Report on Race Essay

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The experience that African Americans went through is that they were slaves owned by whites, who thought it was ok to buy colored people. African American’s went through so much back in the days. The slave trade was something that went on in Europe or Africa. In the eighth century humans was also traded for merchandise. In West Africa they made their slaves prisoners of wars or criminals. Back then African Americans had to be treated any way that the whites wanted them to, they wasn’t allowed to go to the same schools as whites and they also had to sit in the back of the bus when they rode it.

African Americans wasn’t allowed to vote or stand up for what they believed in. In some sta Despite different histories, common themes of racial inequality emerge across racial groups. The separation of non-white from white can be seen in the barrios, the Jim Crow South, the creation of reservations and, in the extreme, the Japanese American internment camps. Until the 1960s, many African Americans could not eat in restaurants they worked in, and Chinese laborers who built the final stretch of the transcontinental railroad were fired and forced to walk back to San Francisco from Utah, barred from the railroad that was built.

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The political issues that went on in the American history is that each American has the freedom to speak, pursue a better life, and live a more comfortable life than their ancestors did. Every country shares a big belief between citizens and the government, Economic beliefs are part of the political culture due to the politics affects the economic. “ushistory. org/gov/4a. asp” Poverty has been the political and social concerns throughout the history.

The belief that God endowed human kind with rights to life, liberty, and property that’s the foundation for giving these concepts the status of values in our political culture. The cultural value of equality means that Americans don’t believe that no one person is better than the other. “weegy. com” What legislation meant to constrain race within prejudicial boundaries was enacted? How did the various groups you researched fight this legislation? Hate crimes are based the belief of the victim.

Hate crimes statutes was passed in the late 1980s to the early 1990s. In most states hate crimes are based on the belief of the person’s race, religion, national origin, or their ancestors. Many states have enacted their own hate crime ordinances, some limit their definition to crimes such as sexual harassment and damage of a person’s property. Poverty in America has its own turbulent history of causes, effects, and remedies, from debtor’s prison to the War on Poverty, from Social Darwinism to food stamps.

Most legislature has only a small friction of the bills in a given period. It has many purposes such as to regulate, to authorize, to proscribe, and to provide funds. Hate crimes are still bad now, it’s not like it use to be. We have hate crimes where people that is gay will get killed or beat up because they choose to like the same sex as them. It get as bad as their religion or race becoming a hate crime, in some states we have Afro Americans getting killed because someone of different color don’t like their skin color.

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