Historical Perspective Essay Essay

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Historical Perspective Essay

The method that nurses implement nursing care is influenced by research. Nursing theorist has influence to the practice of professional nursing and research. Many of the primitive theorists has help to develop the research from the previous to the current and will continue to the future to integrate research. Research has influence the action nurses consolidate and implement nursing care and process. One of the early primary nursing was Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale opened the doors for future researchers and theorist to model professional nursing. Florence Nightingale is the mother of contemporary nursing after coming back from the frontlines of Crimean War in 1856, and she renovated the fatality rate by attending the environment ( George, 2011, chapter 3). During the Crimean War Florence Nightingale offered to help with the nursing task, where she attended and took care of an ailing and injured soldiers. Florence Nightingale would tend to the sick soldiers at all times making sure that they were taken care of getting a clean environment, ventilation, hand washing, lighting and free of noise.

Her concept to nursing is the environment. Environment could be modified to progress conditions so that natural ruling could allow healing. An environment model was established to glimpse the control of the physical environment as a major constituent of care ( George, 2011). Nightingale model progress to paradigm in nursing practice and contributes on nursing care and planned rendered to patients. Nurses maintain to practice their profession without attaining that their process and objective are based on Nightingale’s concept. The concept of environmental control serves as a foundation for many research analysis. Nursing theories related to Nightingale’s Environmental Model will continue to guide research and nursing profession. With her theory and concepts the nursing profession has implemented her methods for environmental cleanliness as a guide model in nursing practice to meet the needs of the patients.

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