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Historical Movie Analysis

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When finished, write a paper that includes the following: the title of the film, director’s name, and year it was made, a brief summary of the movie (no more than one paragraph), a brief account of your personal reaction (what impact did the viewing the film have on you? ), and a historical analysis of the film (analysis of historical accuracy). The final portion of the historical analysis is the most important part of your paper, and should be the longest, most in-depth portion of your analysis.

HINT: some of these movies will not be historically accurate.

You must identify these aspects in your paper with citation for correct information. Choose a couple of the following questions to address for critical portion of paper or analysis. You are not required to answer all of the questions in one paper. Every paper must address at least one historical question. -How is the event described historically? -How historically accurate is it based on the textbook and lecture? -Is the movie biased in any way historically? Explain the bias and provide examples.

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How does this film improve your understanding of the time period? -Are there any connections to current events? In what way are they similar to current issues? -Did the director intend to criticize or influence current society in the film?

If yes, what is it and were they successful? -Is the movie based on a book or other piece of literature? How similar is it to the original work? Did the director change any portion of the story? Document Analysis Option Documents to choose from: Document 26-4 Senator Joseph McCarthy Hunts Communists (p.

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22), Document27-1 Edith M. Stern Attacks the Domestic Bondage of Women (p. 230), or Document 28-3 Martin Luther King Jr. Explains Nonviolent Resistance (p. 259). All documents can be found in Reading the American Past. Directions: Choose ONE of the three documents noted above to read and analyze. After reading the document, complete a paper to the following format. 1. Give the title of the document, author’s name, and date it was written. 2. Identify the document type. i. e. letter, diary, journal entry, etc. 3.

Write a brief paragraph identifying the background of the author, his/her intended audience, and the purpose of the author in writing the document. Make connections for why any of this material would be useful to interpreting the document. 4. Identify 3 quotes or passages in the document you feel are important and explain why those passages are essential to understanding the document historically. 5. Write a paragraph explaining your document in the context of the time it was written. What else is going on during the time that might have influenced the author? . Identify any potential biases present in the document. How could the author’s bias in that particular area affect our interpretation of the document?

What would you tell your peers about your candidate to convince them to vote your choice? What stance of the candidate appeals or doesn’t appeal to you at this particular time in American history? Be sure to base your paper off of historical information and actual arguments of people who supported the candidate at the time in history. Topic #2 Democracy

Identify one example of an expansion of democracy after 1900. What circumstances led to the success of the movement? Outline the history of the movement and their arguments for the expansion of democracy. What ultimately led to the group’s success? Explain. Topic #3 Reform Identify and explain one reform movement in the United States post 1900. Why did your chosen movement come about at the time it did? What solution or resolution did they seek? How successful was it? Be sure to consider both long and short term success in writing your essay.

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