Historical Context of Images for Your Virtual Art Gallery Tour Essay

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Historical Context of Images for Your Virtual Art Gallery Tour

Sleep was painted with oil in 51×78 cm. canvas in 1937 by Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, or simply known as Salvador Dali, a famous Spanish surrealist painter and sculptor. He painted Sleep for his British millionaire patron, Edward James. Dali almost incorporated sleep into almost all his works because he was fascinated with the world of dreams. He interpreted the act of sleeping as monster supported by crutches. Cosmic Egg (2007) It was the image used in the painting titled “Sunrise by the Ocean” done by Vladimir Kush, a Russian-born surrealist painter and sculptor.

The egg portrayed the sun and the beginning of life. As the egg broke open, the earth and the sky formed from its two halves. The yolk was the sun which was starting to take its form. Giclee was used in 21×24 inches canvas. The Persistence of Memory (1931). It was an oil on 24 x 33 cm canvas painting by Salvador Dali. The three melting pocket watches laid in hard surface illustrated confusion between softness and hardness, typifying Dali’s personality. Critics interpreted the painting as Dali’s self-portrait because Dali said that the painting was his hand-painted photograph of his dreams.

The Division Bell (Cover). The two metal heads depicted in the cover of the 1994 album of Pink Floyd was the handiwork of sculptor John Robertson. These huge figures, each weighing at 1,500 kilograms and over 3 meters in height, were put in a Cambridge field. Ubu Imperator (1923). This oil on 81×65 cm canvas was painted by Marx Ernst. The image, a bizarre combination of the tip of a spinning top, the red huge body and human hands, symbolized authority in a ridiculous manner.

Invasion of the Night (1941) This oil on 38×60 ? in. canvas painting by Roberto Matta using diffuse lights, floating rocks and bold lines in featureless and vast background indicated Matta’s fascination with the inner state of human consciousness. References: • Clocking In With Salvador Dali: Salvador Dali’s Melting Watches.

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