Historical Background And Current Use Cultural Studies Essay

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About this essay

First the essay will depict all of import information about the chosen edifice: the location, the historical background ant the description of the edifice. Second, there will be examined results of the function and research. In this subdivision will be mentioned the research about the homesteaders, their civilization and the relationship with the undertaking. Third chapter of the essay will discourse the design case in point research and the connexion with the design proposal. Fourthly, there will be described the construct of the design proposal and ideas how to near it.

The information about the edifice

The location of the edifice

The edifice is located at 195 Mare Street, Hackney, London.

The historical background and the current usage

The edifice served as a Elizabeth Fry Refuge in 1849 – 1913. The purpose of Elizabeth was to assist adult female captives and better the status how they were treated in prisons. She accentuated the demand of the instruction and learning the adult females skills they will necessitate for single endurance after they leave the prison.

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( hackney.gov.uk )

Subsequently the edifice was used as a Lansdowne nine for working work forces. It is a listed edifice by English Heritage. The hereafter plans is to restitute the front portion of the edifice and construct a Vietnamese Cultural Centre with flats at the back portion of it.

( risk.english-heritage.org.uk )

Nowadays the edifice is inhabited by homesteaders.

The description of the edifice

The front portion of the edifice has 3stories and a cellar, behind the edifice was later built the next portion.

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The results of the function and the research

The function was the technique used for obtaining information about the country and the people who live at that place. Later the peculiar research was done to acquire information about the findings from the

function and to acquire information about another issues related to the subject. The function was conducted in the Mare Street in Hackney. The research was concentrating on the Hackney and neighboring countries.

One of the findings was that in the Hackney and in the chosen constructing unrecorded many homesteaders.

Therefore the peculiar research was held on this users group.

The Activities at 195 Mare Street, Hackney

The current dwellers of the 195 Mare Street are taking portion in many events. One of them is “ Do Before They Destroy It Festival ” , which is an unfastened undertaking to everyone, who wants to acquire involved in workshops, art and public presentation of any nature.

Second activity they are involved in is called “ Food Not Bombs ” . The thought behind this event is to utilize waste of capitalist economy to feed people. They are cooking the vegan nutrient from the veggie from the bins or donated and are administering it to the people on the street in the Hackney. This event had occurred on the Christmas Eve in forepart of Hackney town hall.

The another activity is “ Bike Kitchen ” . It is a motorcycle workshop, unfastened to anyone, you merely come with your motorcycle and you can mend it at that place, or they help you with it, it is accompanied by the cookery Sessionss. It happens every Tuesday 2-8pm

There are organised “ Free Stage Fridays. There is an invitation for anyone to come to execute on the phase on Friday 7-11pm. They already had dumb show of three small homesteader hogs.

Library of Radical Books, Computer room, Gardening

The interview with homesteaders in the edifice

The interview was held in the researched edifice with the people, who are presently populating the infinite. The purpose of the interview was to acquire insight into the life of homesteaders, their civilization, imposts avocations and position about the society. It was found out that in the house unrecorded people from England, European Union states and few are from other states. There are largely age 20 – 30 and there is on household life in house with two little kids. Their businesss are: creative persons, gigs, pupils, voluntaries, carpenters and some of them are looking for occupation. The activities, that are presently go oning in the edifice are: motorcycle kitchen, horticulture, phase events, such as dumb show and others.

They would wish to organize more events at that place, as a concerts and community activities and some hereafter programs are to make dark room or sound recording studio.

The Activities of Squatters in Hackney

One of the topographic points where the homesteaders and nihilists are meeting is “ Pogo Cafe ” . It is located on 79 Clarence Road, Hackney. The chief thought of the cafAA© is to cook and function the vegan nutrient and to raise

an awarness of veganism. The cafAA© is based on the volunteering and cooperation of people, sharing the similar positions about society, such as equality, solidarity, assisting others. They organise different types of music, art events and they are selling some books. ( pogocafe.co.uk )

In short, it is place unfastened for everyone who want to eat healthy nutrient and take part in activities back uping the thoughts of veganism and better society.

The Pogo Cafe in cooperation with 56a Infoshop organise Practical Squatting Evenings. It is an event, where homesteaders portion their cognition and advices about crouching. ( squatter.org.uk )

( nelsn.wordpress.com )

The interesting activity, in which homesteaders were involved was a “ Non Commercial Shop ” on the 165 Commercial Street. It was run by people, who live at 195 Mare street. It was established on

8.5.2009. Since that clip this infinite was already few times evicted and opened once more, but on 3.2.2010 it was evicted decidedly. ( london.indymedia.org )

The thought buttocks was based on the recycling and recycling all the different points: apparels, books or any others. Peoples can convey the things, which they do non utilize and take something which might be utile for them. Furthermore they were organizing workshops and skill sharing events. The store was non net income and people who worked there were voluntaries. Their position was to run store non based on the regulations of money and capitalist economy. As it is written on their web site, their perceive it as “ … a infinite based on the cooperation, regard and sustainable life. It is non about object but about sharing! ” . Even though the topographic point was evicted, the people, who were running it, like it a batch and they are be aftering to make some other new free store subsequently.

( squatter.org.uk )

Another exciting event is the “ Hackney Wick Flea Market ” . The market is taking topographic point on the street

in the Hackney Wick, East London. Peoples who live in the country are the active participants. In Hackney Wick are populating tonss of immature people in the warehouses, some of them are squatted. This people come to the market and sell different goods, for illustration jewelry, apparels, books, massage, sushi. There is a DJ playing dubstep on the market.

( sonicrampage.org )

( www.lfgss.com/thread25474.html )

Squatters Networks in North-East London

There is a large web of the the Squatters administrations in the Hackney and North-East London. They organise together different events, workshops and festivals, such as DIY festival, free school,

accomplishment sharing workshops, run uping workshops, practical knee bend eventides, extremist theory reading groups and many others. ( nelsn.wordpress.com ) Some administrations and web page portals are: Inforsurpa London Social Centre News, North-East Squatters Network, Advisory Centre for Squatters, Whitechapel Anarchists Group, Hackney Social Centre, Non Commercial House, 56a Infoshop, Indymedia London, Rampart Social Centre, London Free School, Pogo CafAA© . ( 56a.org.uk )

History of Squatters in Hackney and London

There was belowground antagonistic civilization in Hackney, homesteaders were shacking the Brougham Road and Broadway Hill Market from 1980`s. There was a graffito on the wall for 10 old ages, which says:

“ Broadway Market is non a sinking ship, its a pigboat ” . ( www.killyourpetpuppy.co.uk )

Hackney Housing Problems

There is a large job with societal lodging in Hackney. There are no exigency houses available at the Hackney Council Housing Needs Office. Furthermore the clip the people have to wait is longer than the Council told them. The impermanent houses in which they are remaining while waiting are in really bad conditions.

( youtube.com )

Summary of the function and the research

To sum up the results of the function and research it was found out that:

1. The edifice is inhabited by homesteaders.

2. There are many knee bends Hackney and in North-East London.

3. There is large web of organisations of homesteaders and nihilists groups.

4. The homesteaders are active organisers and participants in workshops, events and different community activities.

5. The knee bends in London started to look in 1968.

6. There is an grounds that the homesteaders were populating in Hackney from 1970`s – 80`s.

7. There is an exigency lodging job in Hackney.

8. Squatters have anarchistic positions about society, they do non desire to adhere the regulations of capitalist economy.

9. Their life is based on the recycling and reusing.


This chapter will demo and explicate the design case in points, which are the beginning of the inspiration for the undertaking. Harmonizing to the findings of the research it was found out, that the homesteaders are recycling and reusing, the transportation containers would be good possibilities for them to utilize. Another determination was that there is a job with lodging in hackney, therefore it might be interesting to present some new manner of suiting people in little infinite, such as little capsules.

The capsule hotel

The transportation containers

The transportation containers have became favorite edifice elements in the architectural field, which is now recognized worldwide. The lading containers are recycled and eco friendly option of constructing units, which can by custom-make and used for inspirational design. The large figure of undertaking have been design turning containers into movable coffeehouse, schools, pupil adjustment, skyscrapers, exigency shelters, homes, stores. ( truthistreason.net )

Many celebrated designers are planing astonishing constructions with these faculties.

Some of them are: LOT-EK Adam Kalkin, Jones Partners Architecture, Addis Containers, HyBrid, MMW Architects, Urban Space Management, Group 41, Graft Architects, Sculpt ( IT ) and many others. ( fabprefab.com )

The connexion of the transportation containers and my design proposal

As it was found out, that the of import and about mundane characteristic of the homesteaders life is recycling and recycling the waste of today`s society of devouring. Therefore I decided to utilize the transportation containers as a portion of my proposal. The lading containers are build to maintain our devouring society in flow, by transporting goods overseas. They are normally used merely one time, because it might be cheaper to buy new container than to direct the used 1 in the county, where it came from. The containers are recycled faculties, which have a large figure of advantages. ( weburbanist.com )

The advantages of the transportation containers

1. The containers are ecologically friendly, because they are recycled.

2. They are manufactured from corten steel, which is immune to corrosion. ( truthistreason.net )



The general thought behind the design

The thought of the undertaking is to make a Squatters City within the inside and outside of the edifice.

As the research show, there are many homesteaders in the country and there is a job with lodging.

The brief of the undertaking is to develop a construct of a topographic point, where homesteaders could populate together in a community and let wider community to fall in them for events and workshops. Therefore I would wish to plan a infinite, which will offer adjustment to people which will be free of wage, but they will necessitate to take part in communal activities. This metropolis within a house will be non affected by capitalistic universe and money, but will be based on the regard, community, cooperation, sustainable life and sharing. It will be self-sufficing and the house will hold all chief maps of a metropolis. Furthermore the edifice should suit all demands of homesteaders, it will be the topographic point, where they will populate, work, sleep, socialise, eat, learn and play together. The purpose is to plan an eco – friendly modern environment by utilizing recycled and sustainable stuffs.

The specification of the infinite division

There will be two types of the infinite in the house: the private infinite and the public infinite. The private infinite will include mini container capsules and the brooding made from the cargo containers. The public infinite will offer all the same as a normal metropolis, but in a somewhat changed manner.

There will be free store, because the existent non-commercial store was closed and the people are still interested in making it. Peoples who will come to populate at that place, will hold some apparels or other points, which they can interchange with others. Next the edifice will hold phase and party country, where the homesteaders can socialize and bask their clip together. In edifice will be the communal kitchen and the dinning country. They will fix all their ain nutrient from the veggie they grow in the garden and bake their ain bred. Furthermore in the edifice will be the infinite used for workshops, where they can make ain furniture for the transportation containers. There will be a room for meetings, talks and group treatments. The drama country in the house will incorporate the swimming pool on the terminal of the package and there will be out-of-door and indoor resort area.

There will be two types of adjustment one will be for the impermanent homesteaders or for appliers and another will be for the stable community who is populating at that place. In other words, there will be two communities of homesteaders: short term and long term stay homesteaders. When the individual come to the Squatters metropolis will acquire his ain mini version of the container, inspired by capsule hotel room. Subsequently when the individual is take parting in community activities will acquire ain container, which will set, restitute a furnish itself. The containers will suit chiefly households, twosomes and groups.

The transportation containers will be portion of the infinite at the rear portion of the edifice. The container will perforate into the house, which will make seeable nexus with the back portion.

The purpose is to utilize the infinite of the package to the upper limit to make plentifulness of room for all the activities and lodging units, made from the containers. Therefore the back portion of the edifice, which was built subsequently, will be demolished, because there is the infinite on both sides of that next edifice which are non used. The bricks will be recycled and used to construct other portion of the edifice.

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