Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality Essay

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Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality

Historical and scientific perspectives have molded homosexuality, and the way homosexuals are viewed by themselves and others. In past western society ancient Greece, homosexual teachings were performed by the Greek society, and were thought of as a societal norm Younger males were normally seen in a homosexual relationship with an older male, these types of relations were common in ancient Greece. The way Greek perceived life back in ancient times it is starting to ease up in our modern time, and homosexuality is beginning to be viewed as if we were in ancient times especially among western countries.

In modern time homosexuals are learning to cope with their homosexuality, as it is beginning to be seen as something normal that has been here since ancient times for thousands of years. Homosexuality in the ancient Greek society shows that even back then people were aware of the different sexual behaviors and feelings certain people might have, and even back then they accepted people’s individual sexual choices. In modern day when a homosexual is first coming out and announcing his way of life he/she should be proud of what they are doing because it is something that has been going on for thousands of years, and is not something to be ashamed and secretive about. Homosexuals should not let judgmental people get to them by saying you were born that way or the environment influenced you to behave like that. The truth is the truth and you are who you are nothing can or will change that is if we stay true to our self. This means as long as we know where we came from and who we are why should we let peoples words bother us because we know the truth about our self.

As we move along, back to ancient Greece and now also including the people of ancient Rome’s homosexuality. In both of the cities ancient Greece/Rome men would travel the streets of the city looking for someone to rock their world. On top of roaming the streets for some good quality male bonding they would dress and act as if they were not men, but female. This was look at in disapproval and unacceptable that is why when the religion of Christianity increased and started to grow the downfall of ancient Rome followed, and homosexual relations were banned. The new found law prohibited sexual behavior that was not found normal. Normal sexual behavior being male-female and marriage any other acts of sex, and the people would be punished for their actions.

This law continued for many years to follow, and people were committed and punished if they broke the law. Unfortunately this did not stop homosexuals from expressing their homosexuality they just became more discrete about it, so they would not see punishment from their actions. Today, most modern religions still do not approve of homosexuality seeing it as a sin. Some countries are very religious, and prohibit homosexual activity; those that are found guilty will be severely punished.

The view that is seen on homosexuality in the modern day has been seen for thousands of years. That is why some homosexuals are afraid to accept their sexuality because of religious reasons (punishment from god) and society (disapproval). The hatred that is forced upon gay individuals has made it very difficult for them to be accepted among society. In our society it is normal when found to be gay to be criticized for it, and deal with harsh treatment that a straight person accepted in society would not have to deal with. When found to be a gay individual they even may have to change their church to one that accepts the view of a homosexuality.

When growing up we learn that homosexuality is unnatural and not the right way of life that is not the case it is completely natural. Unfortunately many times in the beginning a homosexual might not know what they are experiencing wondering why they are different, and if it is alright they could grow to hate them self for it thinking that they are not normal. In modern time many countries still punish homosexuals, while others are more accepting they just deny homosexuals the right to marry due to religious reasons. That is all slowly changing and I think in the future will be seen differently.

The scientific views on homosexuality are homosexuals inborn or is it caused due to environmental influences. That is a question that have been asked and wondered for many years, but in modern days there is evidence directing us towards homosexuality developing as an inborn characteristic. Research done on both identical and fraternal twins, show that there are higher concordance rates of gay monozygotic twins. Rathus, Nevid, and Fichner-Rathus, (2005) report that about “52% of identical (MZ) twin pairs were found to be “concordant” (in agreement) for a gay male sexual orientation, compared with 22% of fraternal (DZ) twins and only 11% of adoptive brothers” (p. 312).

Also, evidence has suggested that hormonal influences could be responsible for differences in sexual orientation. Rathus, Nevid, and Fichner-Rathus (2005) explain that prenatal sex hormones be responsible for tissues in the brain to think sexually one way, but for genital development to be the other way. Also, structural examinations on the brains of heterosexual and homosexual males have provided speculative evidence that a part of the hypothalamus in gay males is smaller than that region of the hypothalamus in heterosexual males.

Developing an understanding from the scientific view point on homosexuality has helped homosexuals understand why they are the way they are. Before scientific studies provided the information that homosexuality could be due to inborn, many individuals believed that people decided to be homosexuals. After the scientific studies though that thought is seen as false, and the reason why people become homosexuals is because they are born that way. Homosexuals do not choose their sexual path they are born having sexual arousals from the same sex. Homosexual people do not hate them self as much knowing the facts from the scientific studies that they were born that way, rather than choose to be that way now they feel it is how god wanted they to be and they can accept them self’s.

Out The Closet and Accepting Who they are

The biggest goal to overcome when being a homosexual is when the perfect time to come out the closet, and admit to our family and friends (hey I’m a homosexual). Not only is finding the perfect time hard to find, but also finding the right words to use when telling them you are not just going to say hey I’s a homosexual. Another difficult obstacle to overcome is accepting the different view we will see from society when coming out. Many homosexuals are afraid to tell friends and family because they have not completely grasped the concept of what they are. This is especially seen in someone who is transformed from heterosexual to homosexual. Another thing that bobbles around their thoughts when coming out is that they will lose important people in their life or lose their job.

Coming out or letting people into your homosexuality is a very challenging experience that is one of the most difficult task a homosexual will face. One of the most common deaths an early homosexual faces is suicide normally for one of two reasons understanding their new sexuality or the fear of coming out to other people about it. Once a homosexual takes control of their power and accepts the fact they are living a life of homosexuality they can adjust to what society expects from them. After they can accept what society thinks of them they can form a relationship with an intimate partner, and develop a perfect homosexual lifestyle.

Historical and Scientific Views Reflected on Personal Sexuality

One’s personal sexuality has been molded and determined by history and scientific views that are seen in one’s life culture or society. Historical and scientific views reflected the way people see their own personal sexuality for the better. It has helped homosexuals better understand why they are the way they are, and they are not different that throughout time there has been people of the same sexuality facing the same problems. In modern time the punishment might not be as harsh as back in ancient time, but it is still there and seen. Homosexuality is still frowned upon by many, and many also criticize and harass homosexuals because of their difference in behavior. In the future with homosexuality become more open and known about to the public I think that schools should teach about it at an earlier age to help the younger society better understand it. Homosexuality in most cases is misjudged and treated in the wrong way if people learned about it at an earlier age they could learn to have a kinder understanding, and be more accepted of homosexuals.

Another benefit of teaching it at an earlier age is that it would give people the benefit of know why they are the way they are, and if they feel they are different.Homosexuality has been around for thousands of year before Christianity it was accepted freely, but after the religion started growing rules banned homosexuality from being free. Homosexuals had to live in the shadows hiding who they were afraid of society, and how they would be treated and the punishment they would receive if found to be homosexuals. Throughout time the harsh treatment homosexuals faced has not ended it is becoming more in the open, and they are beginning to be accepted for who they are. Homosexuality is not always chosen it is sometimes something we are born being we cannot help they way we feel, but that does not make us different. Our sexuality might not be the same as everyone else’s, but neither are their sexuality to ours.


Rathus, S.A., Nevid, J.S., and Fichner-Rathus, L. (2005). Human sexuality in a world of diversity. (6th ed.) Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

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