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Baderman Island is a vacationers dream, beautiful landscaping on the shore of the Kelsey river. The island offers three different hotels to choose from. For the more active, the island offers golf or a leisurely stroll through the immense botanical garden. To help a visitor immerse themselves into the tranquility of the island one can enjoy a relaxing visit to the Oasis Spa. On the surface this appears to be paradise, upon further investigation one can find many small problems Baderman should face if they would like to have a strong return customer base.

Disappointment was caused by a faulty transportation system around the island and minor electrical issues. These nuisances absolutely need to be dealt with immediately. Baderman is reviewing the hiring policies and goals for employees, investing in the future of Baderman by investigating new methods in the hiring process. The company will be following the strict guidelines provided by government agencies. The company will also update the recruitment strategies and attempt to employ the best candidates available.

Hiring Policies and Goals•Follow EEOC guidelines, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, military status or other categories that are considered protected by federal, state or local law.

  • Ensure that the hiring of individuals is based on equal rights and allow for the advancement of employees based on merit, skills, and performance.
  • Provide public announcements for open positions within the organization.
  • Provide benefits, compensation, training and other employment privileges on an equal opportunity basis.
  • Interview all candidates that meet the minimum requirements as posted in the job announcement.

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  • Allow for internal and or external posting of positions based on business need.
  • Evaluate managers and supervisors on their compliance to the hiring policies of the company.

Hiring ProcessHiring Manager is responsible for the constant growth of the company. Continuous development is dependent upon the recruitment of qualified individuals by supervisory staff. The following process must be followed when hiring new and internal employees. The following process must be followed when hiring new and internal employees. Before posting an open position the impact of the budget must be considered. A request must be sent to the general manager of the department for approval. Managers must submit a detailed job description with customization necessary for the particular job, and include an ergonomics assessment necessary for the job in question.

The island has no issues with hiring relatives of an employee. However, a manager may not interview, hire or supervise any of his or her family membersLegal Compliance of StrategiesBoardman Management Group (BMG) recruiting and hiring strategies are clearly stated, on their human resource web page, that they have good awareness of legal issues related with recruiting and hiring process. The human resource department of BMG recognizes the importance of diversity in the organization and being compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines.

Boardman Management Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which means that they cannot base difference in pay on an employee’s age, sex, race, or other protected status. By keeping the goal of equal pay for equal work in sight, BGM is working within the guidelines that are overlooked by the EEOC. The organization also ensures that advancement of employees is based on merit, skills, and performance; however, in the event of favoritism has been suspected, BGM has contracted a legal counsel to help ensure all EEOC guidelines have been upheld.

When legal disputes occur, companies are given the opportunity to settle with the employee with the assistance of a mediator or on his or her own. The EEOC will sometimes offer the services of a mediator, who will not represent either of parties, but only help open up communications between them. The BGM Human Recourse Manager would notify his or her legal counsel for the appropriate action, which could be handled through the EEOC or may require further legal attention.

Recruitment StrategiesBaderman Island Resort is a unique opportunity for employees’. Recruits who would want a rewarding job in a relaxed atmosphere, with a successful highly qualified management team Baderman is the place. Baderman Island’s employment management team Boardman Management Group human resources (BMG-HR) has a challenge in recruiting staff that are willing to live on an island have a genuine desire to treat guests and visitors warmly and professionally, function as a team player, and have the personal discipline to do what is needed. Even though the atmosphere on the island is relaxed and carefree for the benefit of the guests, staff must understand that it takes hard work and personal determination to bring this tone to guests and visitors.

With these goals in mind Baderman’s recruitment must focus on methods that bring quality employees to the island. BMG-HR must respect and acknowledge individual attributes and values that each employee brings to the job during the recruiting process as well as the professional skills exhibited. The marriage between personality and ability to perform a selected job is a balance that has to be met in order for the employee to offer his or her best to all guests and visitors.

In order for Baderman Island Resort to continue to contact and hire a high performance staff they might consider broadening their recruiting area so there will be a larger pool of high quality staffing options to draw from. Higher quality staffing options means less employee turnover, fewer dissatisfied employees and customers, and a customer satisfaction rate which will increase Baderman’s bottom line. A couple recruiting strategies that Baderman might want to consider to increase it’s staffing pool would be: job fairs, off-season weekend invitations to lure potential job candidates to take a closer look at the Island and keeping a potential staff file for future needs.

Currently, BMG-HR recruitment process’s are well thought out and meets federal and state regulations but the process should be implemented on an as needed basis. Recruitment plans that cover future needs should also be set in place to cover potential growth, loss of employees, or other changes within the organization. Treating recruitment of potential employees like a marketing campaign that would suggest to them that the company values all staff members should be considered also. The strategy here would be to woo candidates with the idea that Baderman Resort is an excellent place to work and employee satisfaction is as important as any other goal Baderman Resort’s may have. Because the Resort is a service orientated organization it makes sense that happy and content employees will make for happy and content customers.

Staffing StrategiesThe Baderman Company is well on its way to expanding its local business and in the international market. Baderman’s customers come to the resort expecting to relax and enjoy the activities and amenities. Excellent customer service and qualified personnel is extremely important, therefore, hiring the right individual’s is a key component to Baderman’s success. Baderman has also paid attention to the comments of guests and realized the importance of communicating with them, thus bi-lingual candidates are given utmost consideration. Because of past issues, employees must be screened appropriately and possess adequately skills to perform their job efficiently.

Working for a company that provides an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyable activities is appealing to prospective employees. Baderman wants to ensure that new employee’s will reap the benefits of this work environment yet understand that their contribution is what keeps it flourishing. Baderman knows the resort industry requires employees of various skills and knowledge at every level of the company. This includes hotel management, sales and marketing representatives, customer service providers, and cleaning and maintenance of the facilities and grounds.

Baderman will use many avenues for its staffing strategy. It will ensure top management is qualified employees with appropriate experience in growing companies. Top management must be familiar with local, state and government laws and be committed to ensuring the company is in compliance at all times. It will allow these individuals to help strategize on how to meet the company objectives and provide the resources to enhance the business through future trends and technology advances. Bonus incentives will be offered to help motivate these individuals as well as a lucrative long-term incentive to help share in the company’s growth.

Baderman will provide an above average pay scale and career advancement for middle management. They will be offered yearly bonus packages for meeting company budgets and opportunities to grow within the company depending on the management of assigned teams in meeting company objectives. They will also be trained on compliance issues and challenged to meet, and exceed them at all times.

Because of the importance placed on a manager to lead those reporting to a middle manager, HR will provide yearly courses to enhance his or her knowledge of supervising. The management teams will also be provided coaching throughout the year to support the challenges they are faced with.

Baderman will work towards helping the frontline positions by providing temporary housing on the island for these employees as well as transportation to and from the local ports. Since these type of positions are the lowest paying yet will make up most of the workforce, this will also help the surrounding communities. These employees will also be given educational and training opportunities to help increase their job skills and allow them to grow within the company if that is the desire of the employee.

Baderman management is stressing the importance of communication with the guests. Baderman is offering language classes to the employees, enabling them to communicate in the customer’s native language. Because French and Spanish are languages that many of Baderman’s guests speak, bilingual employees will be given additional compensation for their contribution to a multi-lingual environment.

All employees who support Baderman’s core values which include a “strive for excellence” customer service attitude, produce quality product, a high standard for work ethics, a team player, honest and have integrity, being a leader in all aspects of their conduct will be recognized formally and through compensation, plus medical benefits, internal and external training programs, career path incentives, educational reimbursement, family benefits and personal growth opportunities.

ConclusionBaderman boasts itself on the fact that the island is an international tourist destination. However, the lack of language skills has caused major issues and undue stress for the customers. Baderman has implemented language training classes for the employees but what the island should do is invest in customer service agents who are fluent in several languages in order to place the customer needs to the forefront, thus lessening customer dissatisfaction. HR realizes the importance of diversity and has implemented an organization wide diversity-friendly attitude and welcomes all talented, committed employees as per EEOC guidelines. The goals Baderman’s recruitment and staffing strategy will focus on recruiting quality employees stressing the customer satisfaction. Hiring the right individual’s is a key component to Baderman’s success.


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