Hire for Attitude Essay

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Hire for Attitude

Professionals mostly from the human resource department believe in “hire for attitude, train for skills” and this can be supported by the fact that it is comparatively easier to inculcate and to make them learn new skills than to change their attitude. I believe that this statement is very true as the type of attitude adopted by an individual formulates due to various reasons and the environment he lives in. Depending on these factors and some of the other major factors an individual has passed through in his life, he then develops a certain type of attitude.

There are various types of attitudes that a person might possess, however specifically talking about the attitudes of employees at workplace, I would say that people might be enthusiastic or efficient. Besides this, they might show their excellence at work, they might be flexible or might make their work easy by adopting a good attitude. Many companies have failed to hire the right candidate for the right job and this is the most important task of the human resource department to consider when hiring a candidate.

In order to bring an improvement in the hiring process, many companies have analyzed many reasons over the years to find out the reasons why their hiring processes fail and they have come up to a conclusion that it is always better to hire a person with a right mind set and a right attitude rather than hiring a person with the right experience. Therefore, now the companies prefer to hire individuals for attitude after which they train them according to the requirement of the company and the job. (Carbondara, 2007).

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