HIPAA’s Pros and Cons Essay

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HIPAA’s Pros and Cons

HIPAA or what is known as the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996” has its pros and cons (United.., 2007).

            Pros include the following:

            HIPAA guarantees dependability and promptness of “electronic patient health, administrative, and financial data” (HIPAA, 2006).

            HIPAA implements rules, policies, and standards that maintain the confidentiality and soundness/constancy of “individually identifiable health information covering the past, present, as well as, the future” (HIPAA, 2006). For instance, in case where an established institution needs an individual’s record, this individual is ensured that his or her personal information is safe with that institution (HIPAA, 2006).

            Cons, on the other hand, include the following:

            HIPAA negatively affects the access of clients to their medical records (United.., 2007). This is because information may be “pending” to those who have the right to get hold of it because of the penalties enforced (United.., 2007). This is also because of the fact several health care providers are unsure when it comes to the legalities of the Act (United.., 2007).

            HIPAA also does not have a positive impact or effect on health research (United.., 2007). This is because of the fact that HIPAA limits or controls the researchers’ conscientiousness to carry out “retrospective, chart-based research” (United.., 2007). In addition to that, HIPAA restricts researchers to “prospectively assess patients by getting in touch with them for the purpose of follow-up” (United.., 2007).

Not to mention of course that, in terms of, “informed consent” forms, wide-ranging and far-reaching detail on how confidentiality is safeguarded is necessitated making it more complicated for subjects to grasp before they could sign in, which usually ends in not signing at all because they do not know what they will be signing on (United.., 2007).




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