Hinduism People Essay

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Hinduism People

Hinduism people believe that humans just don’t die. They come back as another living being that is called reincarnation. The act of being born, growing, dying and being reborn again for Hindus is called ‘samsara’. The resolution of every Hindu is freedom from this cycle in order to be in the existence of God, or become one with God. Hindus believe they must live in good karma to be reincarnated in a better form of afterlife. This tells the theory of karma and samsara, since your faith determines your afterlife. For example good karma can eventually earn a person a higher place in their future life or vice versa.

“The sages distinguished four basic types of people and developed yogic practices that are particularly suitable for each type, in order that each can attain the desired union with the Self. For meditative people, there is raja yoga, the path of mental concentration. For rational people, there is jnana yoga, the path of rational inquiry. For naturally active people, there is karma yoga, the path of right action. For emotional people, there is bhakti yoga, the path of devotion ritual “(Fisher 81).

Yoga is taught as a mean of salvation. In conclusion Hinduism is a very complex religion to understand. One of the things I found very interesting about Hinduism is that they believes in multiple gods. This is very different from other religion that only believes in one god. Also Hinduism is the only religion that accepts others religious beliefs, because they feel it’s not necessary, desirable or even possible for everyone to hold the same beliefs. I think that’s good because Hindu’s don’t stereotype people that don’t have the same Religious beliefs as they do. So that alone, eliminates hate crimes that exists with other religions.

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