Hindering People From Practicing their Own Faith

The phrase “Separation of Church and State” is not in the constitution. The first Amendment simply says that congress cannot make laws that establish a state religion or prevent people from exercising their own faith. It does not, however, prevent God from being acknowledged in schools and government spaces. Government should not interfere religion or religious freedom. Taking away someone’s religious freedom is like taking away their freedom of speech. A person’s religious freedom is another way of them expressing themselves.

It shows where their belief stands. It doesn’t make them less of a human or better than any other person on this planet or anywhere else. A person’s religion is what makes them who they are. If someone were to say that they are white, black, asian or any other race it doesn’t meant that they are not human.

Also, if they stated that they’re overweight or underweight that shouldn’t matter because they are still human one way or another.

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Religion is what makes us different. If everyone was like one another there wouldn’t be anything interesting in this world. However if we all believe in what we would like to believe in and express ourselves we would have things to talk about and take interest in.For example, If you were to date someone, you wouldn’t date them because they are like you or like someone else. You would date them because they are themselves. Weather or not someone dislikes them you or another person is going to like them for who they are no matter what.

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The same goes for religion.

Although it is bad to tell someone what they believe in is wrong someone would think that it is the right thing to do. They would simply tell people that they think the religion is wrong or it is impossible for it to be true. Getting people to believe that religious freedom is not a good idea. But everyone does not believe in the same idea when it comes to religious belief. They might believe that their god or gods is different from another persons god/gods. At the end of the day the god that someone believe in will be the same as someone else’s. They will all have the same concept. Forcing a person to believe in something they don’t feel is right, Its just wrong. Neither can you tell them their belief is wrong because you feel that yours is right.

No one exactly know what happens in the past or how the world got to where it is now so you are not eligible to tell someone that their belief is wrong and yours is right. It’s ok to introduce your belief to them but telling them that theirs is wrong is not right. What if someone told you your belief is wrong? You wouldn’t like that now would you? Treat someone with a different religion like how you would want to be treated. In conclusion, I think that we should keep religious freedom for the sake of people being forced into believing in something they do not think is true. Opinions is what opens people’s minds to new things. Besides you have to at least hear what they have to say about their belief.

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