Contrast Hillton’s earlier corporate culture with the emerging set of cultural values.
Hillton’s earlier corporate culture and its artifacts:
Hillton’s earlier corporate culture was one of entitlement and comfort
Employees were promoted fairly quickly.
Promotions are determined by seniority (not performance).
Guarantee of employment (the city of Hilton Had never laid off employees)
Lack of performance measure and accountability – few controls in place.
Lack of respect for taxpayers.
Lack of corporate planning, information and cost control systems.
Hillton’s emerging corporate culture and its artifacts:
Managers are hired from outside and are ‘qualified professionals’.

Some are even with MBA.
Promotions are determined by both performance and seniority.
Loy offs: employee are terminated when not needed.

Managers are held accountable through a system of performance measures.
Strong orientation toward customer satisfaction.
Strong computer and cost control systems.
Domination: Hillton’s senior management came from administrative services and related inside jobs. Considering the difficulty in changing organizational culture, why does Hillton’s management seem to have been successful in this transformation? One of the reason might be organizational socialization which is the process by which individuals learn the values, expected behaviors’ and social knowledge necessary to assume their roles in the organization.

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It is also involves a process of adjustment as individuals adjust to their new work environment. This process has likely happened with the inside workers that previously had less seniority and are more motivated to conform to the emerging set of cultural values as being set out by the new managers and ‘professionals’ that are leading the change.

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Identify two other strategies that the city might consider to reinforce the new set of corporate values First strategy that the city might consider is introducing culturally consistent rewards. Rewards are artifacts that often have a powerful effect on strengthening or reshaping and organization’s culture. An example of this might be introducing specific measures that the managers and departments will be held responsible and accountable for. In this way, people will be motivated to uplift in overall of what they do to the organization.

Another strategy the city might consider is attracting, selecting and socializing employees. Attraction is where job applicants self-select by choosing employers whose values seem to be in line with their own. The city can encourage self-selection by actively describing their culture in advertisement etc.

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