Hillary's Favorite of The Nation

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Throughout the night of the 2016 Election of Presidency. The night was very eventful, the race was on between Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. If Hillary was the favorite of the nation, how did she lose? Why were the polls so inaccurate? Finally, why did America choose Donald J. Trump as their 45th President. In the early hours of election around 7:24pm, the main question was if Hillary was the favorite of the nation, how did she lose? In the Clinton Head Quarters, Jeff Zeleny a CNN’s senior White House Correspondent, said that their watching Columbus/Franklin, Ohio, after a rally she did after the second debate they are getting greater numbers than they expected to get.

But they are expecting to get Low Numbers from Cleveland, even though she had celebrities like: Lebron James, and Jay Z and Beyoncé.  They also are looking at all the college towns, to see if could win those votes from North Carolina. Looking into her numbers, and her publicity she did have she had more people on her sides, along with endorsements.

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Her popularity from Ohio, and surrounding states made her electoral votes a 68 at 8:20pm. Donald Trump was right behind her with 48 votes they need 270 votes. Next, why were the polls so inaccurate? Smaller Counties, and with bigger populations makes a huge difference for the Candidates, Trump thinks he will get the remaining of the votes.

He also thinks it he can flip the county from democrats to republicans to win. With both candidates going to different states, most of them did go to the bigger towns with the bigger populations, but they didn’t go to the smaller towns with big populations.

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Between both candidates went to the towns that had small towns with small populations. Still in Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin is still too close to call, But Hilary Clinton didn’t even go to Michigan, Hilary thought it would also have star power from 2012, President Obama, and other Celebrities to win over a lot of states that won Democrat in 2012 Election.

Finally, why did America choose Donald J. Trump as their 45th President? Donald Trump made a lot of promises that might be too much for him like reversing Obama care, along with the wall across the border. He also asked Paul Ryan to get him elected, and he promised that he will go off his agenda when he won the election. Donald Trump made sure to say he would do the unexpected. Making over 280 promises in his debate speech. For example, he has kept his promise on expanding the military, allowing trillions of dollars of American corporate money over seas, and lift the Obama and Clinton roadblocks. (Washington Post) The promises, the charisma, and the power that Donald Trump had made him become 45th President.

His running partner Vice President Mike Pence said it is an honor to serve for our county, grateful for God and his Amazing grace.  The 2016 Election was a hard ship, and a long 11-hour process. Through it all both parties kept a great attitude all the way to end. Around 2:48am, Hillary Clinton called him and congratulated him on his win, and He also tells her congratulations on the hard campaign. He says, He also wants the US to come together as one and it’s important to him. In all reality President Donald Trump has a lot of different political views than me but, he has not been the worst President that we have had.

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