Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign Essay

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

Hillary Clinton is our ideal presidential campaign up to date; Clinton is very familiar with politics and has always been in the background working for the people whose voices need to be heard. Three of the biggest issues Clinton has focused on during her campaign is same sex marriage, healthcare, taxes and wages. These three issues have major importance with our society today. Same sex is viewed as illegal, well Clinton believes that it isn’t right to deprive people of their constitutional rights to engage in matrimony, love has no gender. This being one of the hottest topics in society, Clinton shows how she supports her same sex communities.

Healthcare has always been such a big topic, being that many Americans are without healthcare because it can be too expensive, but Clinton is working to keep healthcare affordable, so that the people can have a chance to receive such benefits. The last issue that has major influence on our campaign would be taxes and wages, mainly the fact that upper class families aren’t taxed as much as middle class families which doesn’t sit right with our nation. Clinton plans to fight towards lowering taxes for middle class and also having the minimum wage raised to have people afford their living situations. Clinton is looking out for the better of her people, which makes her the ideal candidate.

Same Sex Marriage

As of late last year, Hillary Clinton was competing with an open radio host about her position on same-sex marriage, protecting her past hesitance to examine the issue and missing the mark concerning full-throated backing (NYT). Presently, in a notably new position, Clinton is putting forth simply that, calling gay marriage a privilege managed by the Constitution.”Hillary Clinton underpins marriage balance and trusts the Supreme Court will drop the hammer as an afterthought of same-sex couples being ensured that established right,” said Adrienne Elrod, a Clinton representative, in an announcement (NYT). This is a totally new position for Clinton. Hillary Clinton guarded her advancement on the issue of gay marriage. Clinton now bolsters the privilege of same-sex couples to marry, however that was not the situation amid her time as first woman, representative, and secretary of state (Katz).

At the point when NPR’s Terry Gross chalked up her changing positions to political convenience, however, Clinton pushed back.”I believe you’re understanding it wrong,” she said. “Simply on the grounds that you’re a legislator doesn’t mean you’re not a reasoning individual. You accumulate data, you thoroughly consider positions, you’re not 100% set, thank heavens, and you’re continually re-assessing where you stand. That is valid for me. One of my enormous issues at this moment is that an excess of individuals accept they have an immediate line to the perfect and they never need to alter their opinion about anything,” she included (NYT).

I feel that Hillary Clinton should approach the issue of same sex marriage with open eyes, she should go around and talk to many support groups to help inform the people that same sex marriage isn’t horrible and it is a given right by the constitution. To get the word around Hillary should participate in more functions that the gay communities put together to raise awareness of the constitutional rights. This would be most effective because the more Hillary gets involved with the community and her public followers, many other people have the advantage of seeing and hearing her positive position on such a big issue in our country.


Hillary Clinton is maybe most recalled amid her residency as first woman of the United States in the mid-1990s for her unsuccessful push for general health awareness, a disputable proposition seen at the time as a radical redesign of the way Americans got scope that drew solid resistance from both the medication and wellbeing protection businesses (Katz). Clinton on Obamacare: Keep it. Reinforce it. Tout it. Clinton has said the law ought to be enhanced where conceivable. Clinton drove a White House team on social insurance in 1993. That arrangement incorporated a command that all superintendents spread medicinal services for their specialists, however it didn’t get any footing in Congress (Katz).

Hillary should approach the healthcare issue with much dominance to point out how she wants to make healthcare affordable for all Americans to have access too. She should have conventions held in areas where most people can’t afford healthcare to help inform the public on how important it is to receive such care and how the government can help in financial ways. This strategy would be effective because once the public hears about affordable healthcare and the fact that people will be there to help them and keep them educated on the issue, they will more than likely become interested.


In terms of expenses, Hillary Clinton has gone on record as saying she accepts the affluent are not paying what’s coming to them – whether its in the United States or creating nations. She has more than once battled against the Bush tax reductions and required their termination on certain Americans (Katz). Some of Clinton’s most generally reported remarks on duty strategy came amid a September 2012 discourse before the Clinton Global Initiative in New York in which the then-secretary of state seemed to call for higher expenses on the world’s wealthiest subjects (Katz) Clinton helpers tell the New York Times that she is considering proposition to close corporate assessment provisos and skip center course requirement imposes as a major aspect of her crusade. Before, she has shown concern over convergences of riches by higher livelihoods, including at a discourse a year ago where she said, “great disparity has ruined different social orders.” She may propose to keep capital increases assesses beneath 20 percent, as she did amid an essential verbal confrontation in 2008 (Katz).

Hillary Clinton stands very strong with lower taxes for middle class families and higher taxes for the upper class families. Simply by backing up all the middle class families Clinton will raise so much attention to her campaign. Most of American families fall in the middle class division, so Hillary just needs to get the word out of how hard she will work to bring down taxes for those who need it, and raise taxes for people that can actually afford it. This would be one of the main issues Clinton will pursue due to the huge amount of hard working middle class families.

A significant part of the credit for Obama’s defeat of Mitt Romney in battleground states is given to his stellar execution with minority voters (Pfiffner). In any case, a dynamic position on movement strategy alone wouldn’t guarantee turnout. By giving careful consideration to the needs of numerous minorities bunches, Clinton will be making a greater name of herself then anytime recently (Pfiffner). The procedure to assist minorities can undoubtedly help her win more than a large portion of the individuals that vote, when she indulges the individuals who need it for a simple tax break.

Another strategy Clinton can use would be media targeting, simply by making all her media campaigns more relatable to the people she is try to reach, she puts herself in a great position to outshine her opponents (Pfiffner). Just by targeting Latinos, blacks, and other minorities Hillary can pull forward in the elections race. Even then Clinton can target many young voters as well with ads that she can feature with many benefits towards schools, jobs, and healthcare in social media. Young voters are all about social media so once Hillary starts using more media outlets her possibilities are endless when it comes to trying to reach her younger audiences.

My candidate’s campaign would be run like a strict boat, we would have minimal amount of people working the campaign as to avoid any information being leaked by employees who do not have good intentions for Clinton. Yes, I would allow Hillary to consult with others about her decisions, because sometimes it’s better to hear feedback from people who are looking to also better out nation. I would most likely have her take advice from John Podesta, since he has been very successful with helping Obama during his time and seems to take best interest in helping Hillary run a successfully smooth campaign. Raising cash for your battle isn’t such a smooth occupation; numerous things add to this, for example, regulations by the legislature. An excess of hopefuls commit the error of being bashful in their raising money endeavors (Pfiffner). Try not to play shy with potential benefactors by approaching them for a little commitment and trusting they’ll offer more.

The most ideal approach to raise more cash is to request more cash. At the point when strategizing for cash, Clinton ought to concentrate on simply the class that can issue her all the more however on all the individuals supporting her. In case will be using a raising support strategy, it could be holding an occasion, conveying mail, or setting up a significant contributor gathering, influence your work by focusing on different levels of contributors with every strategy. Obviously another powerful system would be to not spend as much cash as others. The less you spend on your gathering pledges system, the less cash you’ll have to raise to take care of expenses and earn back the original investment.

“Soft money” commitments are now and again called “nonfederal” commitments on the grounds that they are given to political gatherings for purposes other than supporting possibility for government office (Pfiffner). Not at all like hard cash commitments, there are no restrictions on the measures of soft money that can be given by people to political gatherings. While soft money can’t be utilized by political gatherings to bolster government competitors, it can be utilized for “gathering building” exercises (Pfiffner).

On the off chance that the promotion, in any case, basically demonstrated a specific competitor and afterward urged voters to bolster that applicant’s gathering, sift money could be utilized to pay for it. Soft money would assume a gigantic part in our crusade as to verify we have enough finances to have everything on our plan complete or to be finished (Pfiffner). I accept by basically simply keeping a log of all commitments made to our crusade would keep us out of issue with the budgetary rules, the length of we don’t venture on any toes in the rules I find that a large portion of our commitments ought to be worthy.

Of course, like anything else when running for a position of power you will have many people trying to bring you down and get you out of their way. One of the biggest challenges to be faced would be that of the other party trying to make scandalous accusations about my candidate. The only way to fix this would just be to prove the other party wrong and make them look weak for attacking Clinton on issues that aren’t important to her campaign, such as the whole Bill Clinton scandal.

We wouldn’t fight back with more fire, we would maintain our composure and just come back fighting with more rallies and activities to help the people see what we would want to accomplish for them. Another big challenge we could potentially face would be that of not having enough funds to keep our campaign going strong. Many potential candidates face this early on in the election, but just by planning ahead and having a lot of fundraisers this disaster can be avoided. As the campaign manager I would make sure to have enough funds in advice to run the campaign and if we need more as time goes by, we would hold events to help fund Hillary.

In 2016, having the first female presidential candidate in US history may not be sufficient differing qualities for the Democratic ticket. The Latino vote is a quickly developing, vital bit of the American electorate for both sides. So it might, truth be told, bode well for Mrs. Clinton to twofold down on differing qualities with a Latino running mate. High on the assumed rundown is Julián Castro. He’s secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and previous leader of San Julian Castro a Latino, as well as a southerner. His conspicuousness in the West could bail offset Clinton’s experience in New York, Chicago, and the Beltway. Additionally, he’s young. Scarcely in his 40s, Castro could bail offset Clinton’s crusade and keep a hang on the adolescent vote that powers a significant part of the Democratic base.

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