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Highlights of horticulture program


· Model for protected citriculture using clean planting materials established in November, 2018

Floriculture and Amenity Landscaping

· Collected more than 35 native ornamental plants and grafting of native Spring cherry on native Autumn cherry was done with 40% success

· Produced more than 17,000 ornamental plants and supported Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition at Samdrup Jongkhar and at Mongar Town’s Children Park. In addition, initiated beautification and landscaping program at Khangma, Lingmethang, Wengkhar and in the premises of Bhutan Agro- Processing Plant at Lingmethang

Fruits and Nuts

· Information on red Kiwi Enza Red and green Kiwi Hayward collected from Tsirang and Chukha respectively and presented during the 21st VRC for notification.

· Information on two pine apple varieties Kiew and Queen collected from the farmers field and presented to National Seed Board Meeting for notification

· In Kiwi and Persimmon, poor germination of seeds for rootstock is a limiting factor. Thus, to address this, rootstock germination trial using 4 treatments for persimmon and 16 treatments for kiwi were established in November and December respectively.

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For persimmon, sodium hypochloride treated and then stratified in sand gave the best result (69%) followed by fresh seeds treated with sodium hypochloride (30%). For kiwi, seeds stratified for 8 weeks and treated with GA3 1500 ppm and sown in cocopeat gave the highest germination of 77.3%

· For uniformity of trial, fruits and nuts variety testing protocol was developed and is under publication

· 6 varieties of red wine grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah (Shiraz), Cot (Malbec), Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir) and 3 varieties of white wine grapes (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Petit Manseng) evaluation trial established on 12th April, 2019 at Lingmethang

· 2 varieties of on farm apple (Fuji and Koh Koh) evaluation trial established in 4 sites (Tsenkhar Geog, Lhuentse, Samkhar and Kanglung Geogs, Trashigang, Sherimung Geog, Mongar)

· More than 95 acres of land were brought under fruits and nuts cultivation through various approaches such as lead farmers’ approach, establishment of subtropical orchards, promotion of water melon, support to youth farming and direct support benefiting 356 households

Medicinal, Aromatic Plants and Spices

· Herbs garden at Wengkhar and Indigenous vegetables germplasm collection block were established

· 13 medicinal and aromatic plants species were added to the collection at Lingmethang


· 16,501 bottles of mushroom spawn produced till May 2019

· 40,145 billets/bags of Mushroom (25,345 billets of Shiitake and 14,800 bags of Oyster) were promoted benefiting 97 households, 9 schools and 3 groups


· 8 new varieties of potato on farm evaluation trial were conducted in 3 sites under Kanglung Geog in Trashigang Dzongkhag


· 2 varieties of heat tolerant Cabbage (Asha and Bengal King) and 2 heat tolerant Cauliflower (White Express 50 and Pragati 40) were approved for release by 21st VRC

· Evaluation of radish variety White Spring was evaluated for summer production with good success

· Chilli production trial in winter season through staggering of sowing season was conducted at Lingmethang using 3 imported and one local varieties.

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Under Lingmethang condition, September transplant yield the best result for all the varieties

· Till mid June, 242 kgs of assorted basic vegetables (24 varieties) were produced from Khangma, Lingmethang and Wengkhar

· 93 acres of land were brought under vegetables cultivation (Garlic, winter chilli, onion and assorted vegetables) benefiting 609 households

· 18 sets of green houses for protected vegetables cultivation were installed in 9 LUCs. As of May, 6 have started Chilli, Tomato and Strawberry cultivation.


· Promoted 4 solar driers (3 in Trashiyangtse and 1 in Pemagatshel) for drying of vegetables benefiting 45 households

· 17 assorted products developed from fruits and vegetables as value addition in collaboration with IHPP

· Supported 12 LUCs and 4 youths in commercial farming

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