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Highlight POVs

Doc. 1 – Churchill wants to use United States as a model to structure a new Europe in order to recover from the World War and give power to smaller nations.

Doc. 2 – France obviously does not want to cooperate with Germany; they fear that the new Europe would become an enlarged Germany.

Doc. 3 – Vyshinsky is clearly against the Marshall plan, for he fears that the Soviets will lose their influence in Europe under the economic and political control of the United States.

Doc. 4 – A Soviet propaganda that the U.S. government will implement a form of capitalist approach in Europe, seizing everything under control.

Doc. 5 – Schuman believes the best approach in creating a strong economic market in Europe requires a complete unity with the elimination of any residue of hatred between the nations. Inviting Germany into constructing a new Europe would create a positive externality.

Doc. 6 – Coming from West Germany, he wants a merged, democratic Europe with the presence of diverse culture and equality.

Doc. 7 – Mcmillan believes the UK will benefit greater from favoring the trade route with its Commonwealth system than joining the EEC. However, as a finance minister, he is more in favor of the country’s economic well-being rather than building a unified European community. Thesis is underlined

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