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Choosing the “perfect” college to attend may be the toughest decision a teenager will have in their lifetime. Everyone was told at least once in their lifetime to go to college by family, teachers, or media. The importance of higher education is to obtain a sustainable career that can support one’s needs and wants. George Mason University and State University of New York at Albany are two different location and climate that offers variety of activities, with a different city-like life.

One of the most important part of finding the perfect college to attend to is the cost of attendance. George Mason University is about $496 per credit hour. The In-State Tuition for a commuter student per semester is $,5863, which makes $23,448 per two years, and $46,896 per four years.

As for a residential student, the In-State tuition costs $11876 per semester, which makes it $47504 every two years, and $95008 per four years. On the other hand, Out-of-State students who are non-resident or live in the state will have to pay even more for their tuition.

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The Out-of-State tuition cost for a commuter student is $176,61.50 per semester. This makes it cost $70,646 every two years and $141,292 per four years. In addition, the University of Albany costs $278 per credit hour. That is a lot less expensive compared to George Mason. Relating to cost, comparing to George Mason University, The University of Albany costs is a bit more expensive The In-State tuition for a commuter student, which is a student who does not live on campus is ,102 every semester.

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The tuition will cost $24,436 per two years and $48,872 per four years.

The cost for residential students who live on campus costs $12,841 each semester, making it $51,364 every two years and $102,728 for every four years. In contrast, the Out-of-State tuition for every semester is $13,549. For every two years it will cost $54,196, and $108,392 every four years. There are different standards in every school that requires certain things to be able to get in. In George Mason University, the school has an eighty-one percent acceptance rate. The application fee costs $70 for a U.S. citizen and those “with non-immigrant status pay $80” (George Mason University). All the application fees are non-refundable. To get accepted George Mason requires test scores and high school GPA but also recommends high school class ranks, Completion of College Preparatory Program and recommendations.

The average high school GPA requirement is above 3.66 on the 4.0 scale. The minimum requirement needed to score on the SAT is 1,130. Typically, they require applicants to be at least the “top 36 percent of SAT test takers” (George Mason University). For ACT, George Mason requires applicants test score a minimum of 24. George Mason does not require any special recommendations letters, but although the SAT and ACT is optional, it is recommended to improve one’s chance to be accepted. The school also accepts AP credits and dual credits. Similarly, the University of Albany application fee costs $50 and non-refundable like George Mason University.

When applying to the school, the it is important to note that the regular application deadline is due on the the first of March. To get in, The University of Albany requires a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. Unlike George Mason, the University of Albany requires either the SAT or ACT. For the SAT, the minimum test score is 1,170, and for the ACT, the minimum score one can get is a 22. Both the SAT and the ACT has a writing portion and is required for one to take. The official high school transcript, official AT and ACT scores, personal essay, and teacher/ counselor recommendation are the required documents needed. The essay is required with a component of at least 250 words on the Common Application or SUNY Supplemental Application. The school also accepts AP and dual credit, but does not accept credit for life expenses.

George Mason University main campus is in Fairfax County, Virginia. Although there are many events that one can participate and experience, the campus is located just fifteen minutes away from Washington D.C., and can be access by car or public transportation. George Mason is an urban community with a warm climate that is not too hot, nor too cold. Since the campus is close to the capital city, there are many different variety of activities close by to gain valuable experiences and connection. There are a lot of shops, lounges, galleries, and many affordable places to grab a bite. Do outdoor activities such as kayak along the Potomac, hike in the Shenandoah Mountains or walk the boardwalk in either Ocean City, Virginia or Virginia Beach and admire the great view of the beautiful city. Is it and learn the historical region at the Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim. There is a great wide variety of activities that are free or not too expensive of one’s choice to experience and connect the city life.

The University of Albany is in Albany, New York with campuses in the New York cities of Albany, Rensselaer and the Township of Guilderland. University of Albany. Also known as UAlbany, is an urban community with a humid, subtropical climate. Unlike George Mason, the University of Albany is located right in the city. Being right in the city allows one easy access by walking or taking a short drive just a couple minutes away to many activities to do and sight see around the area. Shop at Crossgates Mall, Stuyvesant Plaza Shopping Center or immerse oneself in the region’s thriving arts and culture scene at the The Discovery Center or the New York state museum to “treasure the rich history of the Albany New York / Capital Region at one of the many Albany museums in the area” (University of Albany).

While there are many activities to do around the city, it can get expensive to experience many things. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of activities to do around UAlbany that will cost one nothing, such as visiting the Washington Park and touring the New York Capitol Building. All in all, George Mason University is the ideal college. The University of Albany is a perfect size that is not too small nor too small but big enough to meeting new people and not feel boxed in. The campus is very diverse with so many opportunities for students to get involve in clubs and activities, and get to meet many different peers. The tuition is pretty low compared to other schools and has some of the best resources for all majors.

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