Higher education Essay

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Higher education

According to my knowledge, education helps empower people. I think education helps shape people; it affects how we act, think and respond. Sometimes education can help a person find their path in life. The process of getting a good education, however, may have its flaws. Most of the time, kids who are raised in a poor neighborhood doesn’t get the same opportunities as kids who are raised in a wealthier community. Like Mike Rose, I believed that everyone deserves a second chance in education.

Remedial education was created mainly for that reason. It was created to help students who are underprepared and students who are immigrants. Remedial education also helps many immigrants by developing their basic education. Mike Rose pointed out the importance of remedial education in chapters 9 and 10 of his book “Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of Us”. Remedial education is the foundation of the education system in the United States because it helps ensure the success of many students.

Remedial education helps prepare students who has received a bad education and also offers students a second chance to acquire the fundamental skills needed to get back on track. A student’s backgrounds always have a big impact in their education. Most of the time, students who are in remedial education are students who came from a poor background. Living in a poor neighborhood can affects a student’s education greatly because of all the distractions. In chapter 10, Mike Rose talked about a student of his name Kevin.

Mike Rose stated “He was a good student in poor schools, schools with dated textbooks, scarce resources for enrichment, high teacher turnover. ” A person future should not be decided because he or she was born in a lower class. If Universities doesn’t offered remedial education, Kevin would most likely dropout of school. After Kevin’s dropout, the chance of him earning a high salary is slim. The result of that creates a cycle that many Americans are struggling to get out of. I think remedial education helps give these students a chance to break that cycle.

Like Mike Rose said, remedial education helps these students greatly by giving the students a second chance at education. In chapter 10, Mike Rose stated “…that is the remediation in nation that prides itself as being a ‘second-chance’ society. ” Where this nation is the land where everyone is supposedly given the equal opportunities, students should get equal opportunity. The United States was built on the quote “the land of opportunities”. It is one of the main reasons why the United States is number one on immigrant’s population.

Immigrants who immigrate to this country are mostly non-English speakers, they should be able to receive the same opportunity to success like others students. Remedial education helps many immigrants who may need a little extra help for prepare for college. Some colleges view remedial students as a hassle and a waste of college resources. In chapter 9, Mike Rose stated “Kick remediation off campus, and the primary thing you will achieve is the greater exclusion of American youth from higher education” (Rose 124).

Dismissing remedial education is like denying education from the students. Rose’s statement helps reinforce the fact that remedial education helps Universities and Colleges to reach it highest potential. I think that Universities and Colleges should invest more resources in remedial education because it makes them look good. Show others institutions that they are capable of training underprepared students to be highly qualified graduate, now that is an impressive accomplishment. .Remedial education has always been very important in my family.

My uncle has always been a person that I admired the most, simply because he worked hard to achieve his American dream. My uncle was a professor teaching at a University in Vietnam. He came to the United State in the year 2000. He spoke no English, yet the desire to learn and succeed had driven him to the land of opportunities. It was very tough at first, but slowly after settling down, he decided to attend a community college. As he recalled, remediation classes helps build his skills. It helped him learn the about the culture, the language, and the importance of communication.

He learned that real education come from engaging courses. Courses that help students develop their thinking, as well as, challenge the instructors. He admitted that without remedial education, he would never be able to fully be prepared for higher education. Now my uncle has developed his own business by using the communication skills and networking he learned in his remedial classes. He is the living prove that remedial education are the core of the education system.

Although remedial education shows how unprepared American students may be for college, it also revealed the false in our educational system. As much as the government tries to reform education, there will always be a loophole. For many students who are affected by this, they rely on remedial education as there last hope to get a good education. Remedial education also acts as a review for many students who feel that they are in need to revisit the basics. No matter what nationality or history a student has, he or she deserves a second chance at education and a remedial education ensures this.

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