Higher education Essay

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Higher education

As I see you beaming with pride and eagerly waiting to enter a higher education, I am reminded of the words of the German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who says, “On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow. ” Just like the mountains of truth, you have made a tremendous effort to climb the ladder that will take you to a greater height of success. You all deserve to be here today.

Some may be clouded with sadness as you leave your alma mater while reminiscing the unforgettable days with your batchmates and teachers. This is the day that you will always cherish and the time has come for you to assert your inner glow, shine and be the light of our school. In the number of years of being with us, we have journeyed together, earned success and have learned from our mistakes. Each tiny steps that we have taken, made us better, stronger and wiser. Each of you has contributed to our success and we are so proud of you.

When you participated in the Rizal competition, a competition that has showcased your creative writing, chess, art and other talents, you have earned honors for your alma mater. This may be a game of fun for many competitors like you because of the talent, interest and enthusiasm that you take with you in every competition that you have participated in. Our academic and non-academic activities and competitions have honed your skills and made you discover the innate talents that you have.

This school serves as the avenue that has paved the way in enriching your minds, polishing your skills, and making you understand the importance of discipline and education. How could we forget the fire drills that we had that would prepare you to any similar disaster that may or may not happen in your life? This is an important preparation in light of some unavoidable or unexpected disasters that are happening in many parts of our country. In this drill, you have also shown others the value of being of help to your fellowmen regardless of who they are.

This is a giant step in understanding the value of saving lives and in being big brothers and big sisters to one another. You have also made a great effort in our water conservation campaign. We must be thankful for the abundance of water that we are enjoying in our community and in our country. However, being blessed with a life giving water resources must not come with its careless and abusive usage. Each of you has learned to become vigilant to dripping faucets and excessive use of water for our daily needs.

It is now our task to continue this practice in our homes and in our communities. These are few of the many programs and activities that we have undertaken together and without your help and effort, we will never succeed in our undertakings. With that, allow me to personally say, “Thank You” to the graduating class and their parents. To all the teachers and staff, I salute you for the many hours that you have spent in helping your students learn and succeed. You have worked beyond school hours and have supported me in implementing our programs.

Although there are talks about the possibility of closing this school amidst all our challenges, rest assured that we are working hard and doing everything we can to keep this school open and functioning well so new students can enroll, and old students can continue their studies and eventually graduate similar to the current batch who are right before me today. I would like to conclude my speech not with a farewell to the graduates and their parents but with a reminder that in being a light for your alma mater, you can serve someone other than yourself and serve something bigger than yourself. God bless you and your families.

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