Higher Education Essay

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Higher Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” I agree with this quotation, but it depends on how you use the education to change the world. Education is knowledge. If you are educated, then you can function and be able to gain more knowledge, which in turn, leads to a better lifestyle. Without the ability to read, write, or speak, there would be no success in your life, and life could end miserably.

In today’s society, needs of education are considerably high for a decent lifestyle, as education is required for being able to get into a good college, and being able to get a good career or job; the whole process cannot be done without education. “Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself” Your whole life is set on education. It is life. For example, education starts from preschool or maybe even earlier and having to work your way up to graduating from high school.

This is all for the purpose of getting accepted into a good college. I mean if education wasn’t important, why would the government make it mandatory for students to spend almost everyday going to school? Although around 10 percent of a student’s life makes up for going to school almost everyday and spending a considerable 7-10 hours 5 times a week, it is all worthwhile in the meantime. Knowledge is power and power can lead to success. Education is acquiring general knowledge, developing reasoning, and judgment.

It makes minds. At a young age, we begin learning the basics in school to expand our minds. Then when we’re older we are sent off to begin a new life in the real world, but that can’t be accomplished without education. As said before, knowledge is power, and power can lead to success. This holds true because more knowledge leads to more valuable and demanded careers. It makes education all the more powerful. Take the president of the United States for example.

It is of valued authority and has the power to change the nation, as he/she has the authority to send troops into combat, and decide whether or not to use nuclear weapons. Also as president, he/she is has the authority to enforce treaties, laws, and court rulings… etc, and approves or vetoes acts of Congress, but one cannot be voted president without being deemed worthy. Those values include having knowledge and a clear perspective on the issues in the world, and education is responsible for those developed traits.

In the growing technological age, we need more technological people to handle the equipment. You wouldn’t choose a person with only a high school education to fix your computer over someone who has been educated with at least a college degree or higher. Higher education also leads to a higher paying job. Low or no education means that you will have a harder time getting a job, and you will probably end up working 3 low paying jobs to afford your life expenses; shelter, housing bills such as electricity and water bills, food, water, insurance if applicable…etc.

In conclusion, I find education the most powerful weapon in the world “From better health to increased wealth, education is the catalyst of a better future for millions of children, youth and adults. No country has ever climbed the socioeconomic development ladder without steady investments in education. ” Not only does education hold responsibility for power, it serves as a purpose for better health and wealth. To sum it up, education will effect your life either way, because as mentioned, education is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Education is life.

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