High School vs College Essay

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High School vs College

School is a part of most individual’s life. Each level and every stage has its own differences. The transition between each year in school is different. High school and college, which have similarities and differences, are considered to be the highlight of a student’s life. The transition from high school to college can be very complicated, and they can bring a great challenge and trigger various feelings in a person, such as enthusiasm and nervousness, among others. Nevertheless, students should always do their best whatever grade or year they are into, whether in high school or college.

Although they appear to be different according to most people, high school and college bear some similarities. For instance, they both build a definite commitment to every student. High school and college are committed to give students outstanding opportunities to pursue and improve their education and help them get ready to face the real world, establish their own careers, and reach their dreams in the future. Hence, scholarship or financial aid is offered to selected (yet deserving) students to provide them with the opportunity to pursue their education, regardless of their financial status.

In addition, both high school and college aim to bring out the best in every student. Their main goal is to educate people (“High school to College and Careers”). On the other hand, there are numerous differences that can be observed and found between high school and college, specifically in social life, learning environment, culture, and school policies. For example, high school students tend to be a little bit dependent on their teachers and parents when it comes to their homework and projects, while in college, students are expected to be independent and do things on their own.

More study time is also required in college because the subjects, homework, and tests, and other requirements are more difficult than in high school. In college, students are expected by professors to have a higher level of critical and analytical thinking than in high school (Grove). Both high school and college are important in a student’s life. Regardless of their similarities and differences, students should always do their best to be an A student to be able to reach their goals and dreams in the future. Hence, both high school and college have significant roles in a student’s life and should be taken seriously.

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