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High School Teen Gets Pregnant: Places Baby for Adoption

Kaleena was still in high school when she went to her physician for a normal checkup. She felt ground slipping from under her feet when doctor told her she was pregnant. She first could not believe it, therefore underwent two pregnancy tests. Hoping it was wrong, but the tests confirmed what the doctor has already told her.

Kristan Ballard, her Stepmom, recalled the incident saying ‘Suddenly, she had to make some adult decision.’

Kaleena was nervous, she was caught unprepared. She considered herself to be not mature enough to child-raising.

Therefore, she finally decided that adoption was the only way out.

In Kaleena’s own words: ‘When I first found out that I was pregnant, I knew I didn’t have the life experience to raise a baby and I wasn’t going to be selfish. So, I decided on adoption.’

She was further relieved when was informed about a good family who wished to adopt a baby for themselves. When she has first face to face meeting with the family, she was in fourth month of her pregnancy.

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They discussed about the baby and both parties agreed on adoption.

To see their eagerness for baby, Kaleena kept the adoptive family informed them about the baby during her pregnancy. She regularly shared ultrasound photos and reports with them to keep them updated about the baby’s health.

Though Kaleena could not keep the baby with her, during pregnancy period she took much care for the baby’s health. For the baby’s health, she made pre-natal research.

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During her research, she realized the benefits of breastfeeding over other milk.

For the health of the baby, she made her mind to breastfeed her baby while in hospital. Not just that, she used to send the breast milk to the adoptive family for her daughter after the discharge from the hospital.

Kaleena told Montgomery Adviser, ‘When a baby is fed breast milk, they are just way ahead of the game. I made my mind that I must deliver my daughter the best options and to be able to grow — and so, I knew I was going to pump and give her that benefit.’

Although initially, it was difficult for her to have enough milk for her daughter, she did not give in. She daily expelled milk to meet her baby’s demand. Soon, the adopted family told her that their freezer was full of milk.

But, she kept on expelling milk and stored it into her freezer. Soon, it came to her knowledge that she could donate her breastmilk to NICU babies. To help other babies, she reached out to a Colorado breast milk bank and started contributing.

Now, her baby needed no more breastmilk. But, she constantly receives updates about her daughter from the adoptive family. The adoptive family is very cooperative and still wants her to be in her baby’s life. She is extremely grateful to them for this.

Kaneela is now enrolled in the Dental Assistant program. She is still in contact with the family and receives photos, information and videos of her daughter. Even, They do video calls.

In Kaleena’s words:

‘They have told me that we are a family now. They say that I will always be her mother and that they are appreciative of the gift of life I have given them’

Even she attended his baby’s first birthday, Kaneela now thinks placing the baby with this family was her best decision.

‘Placing Raylie with this family was the best decision I ever made — there is never a moment that I regret my choice,’ Kaneela told Today.

This short story contains huge lessons. The courageous teen how deals with such a delicate solution. Instead of going for an abortion, she chooses the baby. The good family that did not estranged the baby from her mother, rather allowed her mother to have a living relation with her daughter.

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