High School Prophecy

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Life is an exciting, mystical, powerful and romantic adventure in the modern WORD. As we face life, how would we imagine the success of ourselves? We should prepare to face another chapter of our life in the future. Ten years from now I can imagine myself being an administrator of a famous school waiting for my promotion as a division superintendent staying in my own beautiful mansion — living in a comfortable life. As I traveled along the shores of the Philippines I couldn’t shut my ears off listening to a beautiful voice inside araneta coliseum— oh! It is the nightingale of our school way back when I was in high school, Beverly Rose Mangubat.

I couldn’t believe she is now one the most popular singers in the Philippines.

Then when I went back to the cruise ship where I am riding I saw a beautiful woman, my eyes sparkled as I saw Ann Maurice Branzuela now a very successful maritime officer.

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Then I departed the ship and preparing myself to drive off the road with my beautiful BMW. I went on a conference with the different school administrators in the province; I couldn’t help but laugh watching the one and only guy during our high school days who is now an administrator of the newest university in the province— Jhon Oneal Collamat, so called to be one the most eligible bachelor in the Country.

As I traveled the road way back home, I suddenly stopped and glanced at a huge skyscraper; which is also a bank, and my heart was jumping when I found out that it was Carlyn Mae Tamayo who owns it— the math wizard during our time.

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As I opened my computer at home a new webpage was found, I couldn’t get my eyes staring on the screen as I read the name Jesha Mae Roflo— she was the founder. Don’t even think about it when she even made a virus to hack computers herself. Wow! Life is really amazing. We need to imagine our success to have an excellent future!

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