High School Practice for College Essay

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High School Practice for College

High school life has been so much fun. I got very much involved with sports, particularly baseball, basketball and lacrosse. I played well and that made me somehow popular. I am a kind person and loyal to friends. I made many friends through the years and we spent many good times together, off-roading, going floating down Chattaoochee River or just hanging out. And when not in sports, I would spend time working at Brookfield country club on a driving range. I was so engrossed with so many enjoyable activities that I hardly noticed high school was almost ending. Eventually, my teachers reminded me that I had to start planning my life and determine what I really wanted to do after high school.

The planning aspect was not that difficult because I had always known what I wanted after high school. Like many of us in our batch, I have always dreamed of having a college education. I felt like college education was what I had to do especially if I wanted to have a successful career. I wanted to take an associate degree in a university in Charleston that would prepare me to become a Wildlife and Game Warden. I would be so much thankful if I end up a warden for the state of Georgia.

Though I knew what I wanted, I have not taken time to evaluate my capabilities and my readiness. Then I questioned myself whether I have what it takes to be in college. More questions kept popping in my head, like, am I prepared to be there or if ever I did get there, would I ever survive the challenges that laid ahead. I organized my mind and thought about my plus factors, those that would give me an advantage when I am there. Confidently, I could say, I would be able to blend with my friends and future classmates. This is because I have always been very sociable. Even if I have not had chances of leading groups or organizations, I have been a good follower and a good team player. Another factor that I realized would lead and get me through college is my passion for fishing. Fishing, they say, builds character and I firmly believe that.

It is full of excitement, like life, the next trip, the next big one or the new reel. One cannot enjoy fishing when one does not have patience. My father taught me that. He and I had the same passion for fishing. This year, I caught a 2-pound bass and my father had it stuffed so we will remember our fishing memories. Someday I will be a professional fisherman or with luck, I may even have my own fishing show. That would complete me. Fishing has influenced a lot about me; my love for the country and the wildlife.

The peace and serenity of nature gives me a sense of fulfillment. Something that perhaps complements with problems and difficulties with my family life. My parents were divorced when I was just three years old. My father lives in another state with his new wife and two other sons. I live with my mother, she also remarried and she has two step daughters. I did not have the luxury to remember having both parents together, even in special occasions. I had gifts, money and good times with friends, but holidays were always problems because I would not know with whom to spend it. I used to hide my tears many times when I see kids going shopping or dining with their parents. I felt, they were lucky. I know my mother and father were good people, and they would have stayed together if they could. They must have done it because it was the right thing to do. And I respect that.

Childhood was tough for me, many times my dad missed my games; he did not even get to participate or coach my sports. We could not go fishing as much as I would have liked. I was always around people, but many of them, I did not know. I guess I was lonely and starving for a complete family. But I realized, no matter what, I had so much to be thankful for. All my families were all doing fine and in good health; I had chances of being with them, although separately, we did not have problems with finances and I was going to college. I am proud to have surpassed many of life’s trials even at an early age. The experience gave me strength and maturity to deal with the future. The blend of my personality, my skills, my love for nature and my experiences gave me my character. I know my character will lead me to success.

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