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High School Graduation: Hard Or Not?

Categories High school, School

Essay, Pages 2 (303 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (303 words)

There are several reasons why graduating High School is harder than many people think it is. Most students don’t realize how important graduating High School is and what kind of effect it could have on your future. These are some common practices that will make you a more successful High School student.

One of the most common things highschoolers do is wait till the last minute to do all of there assignments. This may seem like its common-sense, as everyone around you has told you not to procrastinate.

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In my opinion, I believe that procrastination is what drives students to do better in school. It gives them a sense of urgency to complete that project or homework assignment that was given to you months ago. As the due date comes closer it makes students more anxious and allows you to focus on what you need to get done.

Another piece of advice I have is to sleep in school whenever you have the chance.

The life of a High School student can be very busy at times. Students staying up ridiculously late every night just to finish your homework, then waking up early in the morning can get really tiring. These kids already have to be at school for eight hours every day, and then have to come home and do hours more of homework.

It makes sense that schools should be a place to catch up on some sleep. Falling asleep during school will also give you a boost of energy when students are doing their homework at home.

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How can one not enjoy getting good grades on all the tests and quizzes they take. The trick is to only take the test you know how to do. It is pointless to take a test that you know you’re going to fail.

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