High School Girls Essay

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High School Girls

1. In my High School, the experience was somewhat different. In the article it says that the boys stared at the girls passing and rated the different parts of their body from one to ten. In my high school days, the boys striped us with their eyes and we felt that they can see inside our clothes. They also made lewd comments.

2. We felt harassed and humiliated and degraded as Rachel and her friends felt. It used to make me very angry but my friends never let me retort as these boys were ‘bad boys’. We were frightened of them.

3. We were taught in home as well in school to keep away from these kinds of boys. As a result the girls rarely talked about the issue. Even if we spoke about it, we never thought of taking actions against the boys who harassed us.

4. Individually sometimes one girl would retort for misbehaving with her. One of the girls in our class once turned back and told the boy who was teasing her to stop it or else she will the principal.

5. Rachel and the other girls taught those boys a lesson. The girls in my school never thought of taking action against the boys. It was very difficult to convince the girls to take action in a group. The common advice was to ignore them.

6. The boys who teased us were the lot who did not study in school. They had all kind of bad habits like smoking, taking alcohol and drugs and they were of rich families. They were notorious. The girls in my school were too scared of these boys to take any sort of action against them.

7. The teachers in my school did not approve of this kind of behavior. There were some strict teachers in our school, those boys stood clear of their path. If any teacher saw them behaving in this manner, they would complain to the principal, who would punish them heavily.

8. The other boys in the school did not confront them as this would lead to fighting and abusing. They did not tell their peers as they did not want to get involved.

9. I think that school teachers and administrators can stop this kind of thing from happening in school in two ways. First, they can make the girls aware of eve-teasing and the result of keeping silent. They should be made aware of the fact that keeping silent is not the solution. It only increases and do not end it. Second, the school authorities should warn those boys that they will be heavily punished and even rusticated if they continue such behavior.


In the article, the boys of high school during lunch time harass the girls but staring and rating different parts of their boy from one to ten. One girl among them, whose name was Rachel also faces similar situation in spite of friendly with them. She feels very humiliate and degraded by the action. She along with other girls plans and teaches them a lesson. They sit in the same bench, rate them and grab them as they used to do. After the episode, those boys stop harassing them.

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