High School Forever Essay

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High School Forever

After reading this article I thought to myself that this is exactly what high school sounds like it is just a social combat, some people are already on the top and do not have to try and others try to climb to the top but never make and some just stay on the bottom they do not even make an effort to climb.

I know that in adolescence us teenager try to find out who we really are and to be able to define ourselves and according to the article high school is one of the hardest places to do that in. But I think that even though people experience social fear because they are sensitive towards what other people think and have the least amount of control I think that high school is beneficial because it prepares you if what is ahead.

Because in life you will encounter these things so it is better to have experienced it before hand but the difference between life and high school is that in high school it is really easy to be judged and labeled where as in real life you do not really fear what others think because after high school you find who you really are, you bloom, and you become more confident in yourself and stand for what you truly believe in.

So I think that even though high school can be hell sometimes it really prepares us for what is ahead, because life is not fair and we have to learn that the hard way. Well after reading the article I thought Holden Caulfield was like Kenji in the article; even though Kenji was not very popular in high school he became a very successful and became a very attractive person after high school. I think that, that will be the case with Holden because he does not really fit in anywhere.

I think that he will grow out of his “not fitting in” phase and find who he really is and what matters most in his life. But I also think that he will still be judgmental and think everyone is a phony. I also think that he will realize that growing up and becoming an adult is not as scary as he presumes it may be. I think that it will take him a while after graduating high school, if he does not get kicked out of any more schools and he gets into another school. But when he does I think he will realize that maturing and being responsible is not hard.

I think Caulfield is really confused when it comes to life because he does not have any grown up to really tell him what it is like to grow up, so I think that impacts his behavior towards people. I think that even though you are not the most popular and you may not have many friends in high school, it may not matter because if you know why you are there, to learn and become successful in your life, then it all works out in your favor in the end, but it is nice to have friends to not a lot just maybe a couple.

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