High School Experience Essay

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High School Experience

High school is always a terrifying experience for a lot of kids. It’s the point in their life when they become adults and realize who they want to be. It also indicates where they will be heading in life and what they will be doing in the future. Most high schools have the common social groups such as the jocks, the preps, the popular kids, and the norms, and people often find themselves making drastic changes to their personality or appearance to be accepted into at least one of these groups. School has always been difficult for me as far as fitting in with the crowd, so in high school, it was important to me to figure out which group I felt the most comfortable with and could be myself in without being judged or rejected. Every once in a while, different groups become intertwined with each other and get along quite well. Whether it’s the jocks and the popular kids, or the norms and the nerds, they all find a way to connect and make sure everyone feels at home.

In my high school experience, that is exactly what happened. As one jock, named Allison went through her days living her dreams as a cheerleader, a prep named Madison went through hers imagining she owned the school. These two girls who had joined completely different groups, found a connection and became close friends with one of the popular kids, named Lauren, who never seemed to have a hard time making friends, and myself, who never cared too much about anything besides getting through each day with the best education possible, a common norm trait.

As the years went on, so did our high school experience, and our bond became stronger and stronger until the day came we all had to go our separate ways. On May 23, 2014, I had one of the most memorable experiences with these three girls. As we closed one chapter in our lives and opened up for a new one to begin, we placed our caps on our heads and took our diplomas in our hands. Taking our last glance at an old place, and saying goodbye to old friends, we embrace our last moments and prepare for the first moments at a new place with new friends.

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