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High school

I’m one of this people that will take every single opportunity from every chance I take, so I can make the whole journey worth it. Becoming a Global Intern is a one life opportunity that can change your whole life to better. This will allow you to see new directions, new point views, new experiences. It’s a way for you to get to see the world, to explore it, to meet different cultures, which can help you build your own personality and even make you a better person. Since I was in Elementary School I wanted to go to the United States. Finally, in 2012, there I was, realizing my dream. After that, I realized that it wasn’t only the USA that passionate me, it was the feeling of traveling, the feeling of exploring somewhere new, being able to learn new things, to be free, to have more knowledge. And that’s what I want for my life, I want to be able to get to know every single spot on this world, I want to learn new languages, and help those people around the world.

I also have this huge desire to go to a college aboard, it’d be something that I could never experience in my own country. One of my dream professions is to become a doctor, because when you help a patient, you are not only helping their life, you’re saving their families happiness. When you’re helping a kid in their last few days to smile, this is an unique feeling, in this way I look up for this beautiful career. However, since I was little I wanted to become an actress, I’m addicted to movies, especially those that bring hope in your life, those that have a message after all. It’s a way I can express myself, I can play a role every day and this makes me learn different subjects. Three years ago, you would give up hope in this world, but there are still people that are trying to make a difference, trying to help it to survive. There were and there are many influent people and I want to become one of them. Becoming a global intern will be my chance to find myself and to do what I love most and I truly hope that it becomes reality because you can only find out what is possible if you never give up.

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