High school education Essay

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High school education

We can all say education is a big requisite in life, but do we really spend the appropriate time to it? . We sure not…, at least I didn’t for a couple of years. Freshman year on high school could be hat year you would never forget. Becomes a new life style, met new people, new hobbies, and new interests. Basically turns out to your biggest change in life.

My high school education could of say it was more fun and adventurous than those kids who actually are focus to graduate with a high GPA, get an efficient scholarship, and attend to a reputable university. I started out my freshman year good. I was attending to class, participating and doing class work, I was doing homework. I had no problems, then after my freshman year was over I had many friends that I was expected. Then I got to meet my true friends which I still hang out and do crazy stuff.

My sophomore and junior year I went out of control laterally. I never was in school, just to go get my free lunch because, who didn’t liked to be in lunch? Right. To be clearer, anywhere was a better place than school. Yeah I had so much fun, memories than I would never forget, unexpected trips, water balloons fights, ride horsing, and four wheeling, ditching parties, even run away from cops. But like how it needed to happened, it happened. My slacking in grades would be known eventually by my mom.

There’s one thing that I’ll be always glad for, I have the most overprotective mom in the world. Her reaction was immediately that the next day she knew about I was not going to school, she was there talking to the principle asking him to make a stop of it. All the trouble that I was into, and all the talks my mom and I had, it made my mind expand to reality and to convince myself that I was not doing good in school and that would affect my future.

I catch up my senior year picking up my GPA and grades to proudly get thehigh school education and be able to register at CNM. College is a different level than high school by too much. Here you cannot take the risk to slack not even a little. If you slack not showing up, or not turning homework, grades are really affected. College has help me to raise myself as an adult and take proprieties first. That you are who build your future, that hard work always pays off. I’m thankful to attend to college.

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