High School Dropout Rates Essay

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High School Dropout Rates

High School dropout is referred to student quitting high school prematurely or before graduation. Many reasons and factors are responsible for dropping out of school. Dropping out of school may be a singular reason of the child or a logical agreement between the child and the parent. Some reasons are due to intention to go find work, avoidance of bullying, depression from poor grades, and unplanned pregnancy at school.

Most students find the easy way out of a monotony of life in getting themselves out of the normal routine, in a way this is a behavioral disorder. In lieu of psychologist argument, dropping out is the withdrawal from pulling out from a social institution most especially for the reason of “disillusion and development of apathy to the conventional values in such institution. Dropout Rate With the graduation rate of about 71%, number of dropout constitutes one of the factors for the non-graduating 29%.

The rate of high school dropout is silently becoming an epidemic. Commonly, students’ age category is within the range of 16-24 years. According to the United State Department of Education, though the overall rate of dropout seems to be on a downward trend since 1960 till date, it is important to note however, that there exists a sharp uneven distribution in the record across regions, race and gender. For example, Hispanics high school dropout is put at 41 per cent of the existing figure of 9. 3% for both male and female since 2006.

And it is worthy of note that this population sums about 17% of the entire population of youth in the stated age bracket. Male population makes up about 60% of dropout rate. Rate of dropout among Non- English speaking youth is higher than the English speaking youth, researched by Cardenas (Jay P. Greene 2002). Students from poor home with poor standard of living are economically disadvantaged constituting the major group among the incidence of dropouts in United States.

The trend for Hispanics dropout rate is increasing yearly. The National Centre for Education Statistics submitted that Hispanics dropout rate doubles what is obtainable in about a decade ago. With the current progression and increased immigration, the Hispanics are expected to top the populous minority list in the United State totally about 21% from the present 17%. This will definitely deposit a significant increase in the growth of high school dropout for the youth age by the end of next year.

Economic Importance of High School Dropout The worry about the incidence of dropout is the future implication of decreased human potentials to function productively in the growing complex world. Human technological advancement, compliance with ICT revolution, and human capacity empowerment all have their foundational preparatory ground from students leaving high school. It is crucial age in ones development that should not be corrupted with dropout. High school diploma in a way contributes to higher income and improved economic status.

Moreover, their involvement in crime is a major menace posed to the society. In addition, they depend longer on State’s support whereas such support could have been invested into another productive arm of the economy. In conclusion, it is a collective issue; the society is yet to completely wipe out incidence of high school dropout. The failure to do so is endangering the future of the economy with unqualified generations of poorly educated ones. The need to safeguard the looming silent epidemic is here. Let us safe our tomorrow and say no to high school dropout.

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