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High School and Tina

Categories High school, School

Essay, Pages 3 (583 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (583 words)

Even my mother knows I am wasting my time there. Counselor- What makes you dis-like school and hate everyone? Tina- I just do. Everyone picks on me and bullies me. I don’t fit in. No one cares what happens to me. Counselor- Well what makes think you don’t fit in? Tina- I don’t get along with anyone. I think the kids don’t like me because I am fat. Counselor- So that’s why you don’t think you fit in with your peers.

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Tina- SILENCE Yeah, I am always late, I am in trouble all the time, and dumb.

I am overweight and so is my family. It’s really embarrassing cuz (because) they don’t care about anything, especially me. Counselor- I see talking about your family makes you really upset. Have you talked to your mom about how you feel about school? Tina- No. Not really. Counselor- Maybe you can sit down and talk to her about your grade and how you feel.

Tina- Why should I talk to her about school and what I feel when she doesn’t even show up for parent teacher meetings? Counselor- Has she told you why she does not go to the meetings. Tina- Yeah, she told me she is too ill to go and I am just fine at home.

Counselor- Would you like to do better in school and go on to the 8th grade. Tina- No, I give up with school.

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Counselor- What would you do if you dropped out? How would you get a job? Tina- I do not know. I would become a hair dresser; you don’t need school for that. Counselor- Is that what you want to do? Tina- Yeah, I like doing hair. Counselor- Did you know that you need a high school diploma for beauty school? Tina- Really?? No I didn’t know. Counselor- So how do you think you will get in if you don’t finish seventh grade. Tina- I guess I do need to finish seventh grade.

Counselor- Alright, how about we look for a good technical school that offers cosmetology so you can work on becoming a hair dresser? Does that sound like a good idea? Tina- Yeah that sounds good, I like that idea. Counselor First we need to get through the end of 7th grade and move on to 8th. Tina- I can do that, but getting to school is difficult. Counselor What about getting up one hour earlier and getting mom up as well? Tina- Maybe, I do only get up 5 minutes before I school starts. Counselor- So getting up earlier and going to bed a little earlier is a goal you can work on. Tina- Ok, I would like that. I need to go to bed earlier.

I am actually really excited. I can’t wait to go home and look up beauty schools and new styles. Then maybe I can make some new friends to because I can do their hair. Counselor- I am glad you have something you aspire to. You have a great positive attitude. I could see you making a great beautician. I am looking forward to hearing about some research you did and new hair styles you have looked at. I would like to work on getting your grades up so you can get into that technical school. Are you wanted to tell mom what you want to do when you pass? . Tina- Yeah, I cannot wait to tell her. I think she will be excited with me. Thanks.

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