High School and Peter Essay

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High School and Peter

1.In his senior year of high school Peter Martin was sixteen. He was built like a rock, but no one noticed him in his school until the day of the first football game. When he scored three long-running touch downs. At the high school dance Peter was very excited to be going. He had never been to a high school dance before because he didn’t really have any friends. After the game Peter felt good about himself for leading his team to victory, and wasn’t so shy and starting to talk to people that he didn’t know. The high school dance was at a really big house close to the high school. When Peter gets to the high school party he doesn’t know what to really expect. The first thing that happened at the party was that a girl that he didn’t really know came up to him and wanted to dance with him. Peter says yes to the girl, so they go and dance for a very long time. After they were done dancing the girl gives Peter her phone number.

Peter and the girl that he meets start dating each other. Peter is a very smart kid and has very good grades. The types of friends that he hangs around are athletic people. On the weekends Peter sleeps in to around 12:30pm to 1:00pm. The way Peter and his family act to one another is that they treat each other with respect. 2.One implied detail about Peter is that he is timid. “His shyness, his shrewd and dogged ways, his blue eyes gazing from underneath a shock of dark hair”. This quote shows that Peter doesn’t like being around people. The second implied detail about Peter is that he is not easy to hit down. “ 3.(A) The people that are there from Peter’s family are his dad, his mom, Joe, Mickey, Ruth, and Elizabeth. (B) It is cold outside, so everyone has to keep warm. “All bundled up in warm clothing and flushed from the cold wind.”

Peter’s family might not know a lot about football. “It was the first football game in the Martin’s mother’s experience. 4.(A) One point that the coach give to his team is to don’t give up in this game because it isn’t going to be easy. Another point that the coach states are that he is comparing the sizes between his players and the Lawton Boys. (B) I think that the player “love” the old man because he is a good coach, but also the get the whole point of the speeches that he gives to them.

5.(A) One of the first things that happen is that the ball is kicked to Peter and Peter loses it in the sky and it drop right in front of him, but somehow he returns it for 30 yards. The second thing that happens in the game is that Peter run wide and gained five yards. (B) One thing that happens in the stands is that Peter’s family is shouting to him saying positive things. The second thing is that Peter’s mother never sees anything that Peter does on the field. (C) At half time the score ended 0-0. 6.At half time the coach states that he wants them to do more passing plays. Another thing that the coach says it that he wants them to do a trick play. The final thing that the coach says at half time is that he wants them to try the forty- seven in their end zone.

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