High School and Graduation Essay

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High School and Graduation

Graduation is a goal that everyone wants to accomplish in life. Whether it is from daycare, middle school, high school, or college, it’s a major accomplishment. Graduation from high school was something that I always looked forward to. The fact that it took twelve years of grading school to get a diploma made it more exciting and made me more anxious.

Graduation also comes with an emotional impact. Especially when you’ve spent half of your life growing and learning to love your fellow classmates. From making best friends in kindergarten, to making pointless enemies in middle school. We never know how big of a deal it is until high school. That is when we realize that it starts the countdown of how many days that we have left with each other. We never really realize how much we will miss everyone and everything until the closer we approach graduation. Cherish every moment!

The actual day of graduation contains the most emotion for some and most excitement for others. For me, it was both. I remember the exact feeling of waking up that morning. The smell of a huge breakfast meal aroused me. It was my day. I was beyond anxious and excited.

Almost so anxious to the point of an anxiety attack but so excited to the point of a panic attack. Waking up and realizing that this was my first official day of a graduate was so amazing. I was going to college. I was getting the chance to fulfill my dreams. I remember walking into the kitchen and seeing the meal and looking at my momma and crying. I sure was going to miss this. The home cooked meals and family gatherings would be missed the most.

After graduation, the summer before my new beginning, was different. I felt like an adult. My parents treated me more like an adult. Going out with friends and staying out late was great. I still remember going to Orientation at Ole Miss. Meeting new people and learning the campus. Not having to worry about high school and going to meet teachers was wonderful. Life was beginning for me! Graduating from high school has changed my life dramatically. I am now a freshman in college and I love it. My first week was amazing, everything was crazy. My legs are still sore as I type this.

The University of Mississippi should be named the University of Hills. There are hills galore! It seems as if everything is always busy on campus. People running around like headless chicken. I also enjoy the freedom of college. No curfew is great! As far as family goes, I miss them like crazy! Phone calls from my mother comes in seem to come like every ten minutes. So, as far as graduating goes, it’s a great experience. Comes with many different emotions. Some good emotions and some bad emotions. We realize how much we actually care for your peers.

It is always fun and a great learning experience to begin a new chapter in life. I will never forget my graduation day, from beginning to end. Walking across the stage with the biggest Kool-Aid smile, hearing loved ones scream and chant my name, and looking my principal, Mike Martin, in the eyes as he hand me my diploma telling me congratulations. I’ve learned to cherish every moment I spend with my peers. I never knew I’d miss something that I hated doing so much. As I said before, cherish EVERY moment!!

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