High School and Goals

Hello my name is Rick Brooks and this is my student story. What the on course book has helped me with the most is getting me to commit to my goals and dreams. I was once a bright eyed young high school student with the dreams of going to college and making something out of myself. My graduation year from High School was 1992, yes 20 years ago, and yes that makes me 38 years old. I grew up with a family of 5 having four siblings and just my father to raise us.

Money was tight and going to a four year university was out of the question.

Information about scholarships at my school was minimal. I began working full time and decided to go to college anyways. So in 1992 I enrolled at AB Tech Technical college. Working full time and not having a very good commitment to my goals and dreams, I did not do so well. I eventually dropped out after my third quarter.

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At this time I did not even know to drop my classes, I just stopped going, what a big mistake. I now have several F’s on my transcript from 1992.

20 years and one fifteen year old daughter later, I have began to achieve my goals and dreams again. This is where On Course Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life came into my life. Upon starting the ACA 115 01 class I was very reluctant. I had already taken some college courses and had done well, at least until I dropped out.

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I figured that I did not need this class and I was pissed that the college was making me take it. When the class started on chapter 3, things began to make sense. I needed to design a compelling life plan.

I had no idea how to do this. As I went on in the course, I starting figuring things out, things that I already knew I wanted, but thinks to On Course it started to all make sense. I needed to set goals. But how does one set goals, I thought that I knew how, but I did not. The book showed me how to use the DAPPS rule, which is dated, achievable, personal, positive and specific. I have since then set some goals and dreams for myself. I plan on graduation with my business degree from AB Tech college, that’s goal number one.

Then I will pursue my dream. I want to open a bar and grill beachside in Key West FL. Before the On Course book I would have never thought these goals to be possible, but when I starting asking myself are these goals dated. Yes they are. I will graduate college in 2013. Are they achievable? Yes graduation is just around the corner and I have already taken a couple of trips to Key West to scope out the location for my restaurant. The book says that a goal should be at least 50 percent believable to me.

It is now more like 75 percent believable to me now! Are my goals personal? Yes, nothing would satisfy me more the when I walk the stage and get my degree. I will be the first out of my four siblings (which are all grown now and not enrolled in college) to get a degree from college. I am motivated because these goals are mine and no one else’s. Are my goals positive? Yes, going through this course I realized that I should focus on what I want and not to focus on what I don’t want. Are my goals specific? Yes, my goals are specific.

I will be able to measure my success when I get my degree next year. I only have six classes left, it’s been a long road, but a rewarding one. Whenever I start to stray from my course, I remember my goals and dreams. I have worked way too hard and have came way too far to give up now. My dreams are my motivation into the future, they will guide me from here on out. I am thankful for my dreams, and I am thankful for On Course for putting me on course to my life plan by showing me how to commit to my goals and dreams. Thank you On Course!

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High School and Goals

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