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High School Analogy Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (415 words)
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A newly bought electronic camera, one that gives the purchaser fulfillment, yet a weird tingling feeling of unfamiliarity with a pinch of nervousness and fear. Now there’s a high school freshman feeling the extremely same thing looking at a brand-new environment; oddly a cam and high school have a similar relationship, with extremely apparent distinction and. One such similarity, is that when a trainee takes their very first couple of strides into the usual 2 storey structure, it resembles him taking his extremely first photo.

Both people brand-new and unskilled, every move is made with caution afraid of what the result could be. Maybe, a humiliating moment? A broken camera?. Both face criticism inside decreasing their inner confidence, he looks at his pictures frequently ranking them badly, while she takes a look at some of her peers judgmentally and the same returns to her. Another comparison, takes a look at the ever-changeable lens on the video camera representing her ever-changing views on the present and future.

An extending lens that looks ahead at the long road that is yet to be journeyed through and short, stubble ones they may remind her of the moment she is in. As she gets comfortable and more confident, the student is met by a whirlwind of opportunities. Each chance that walks past, she begins to see a new path, some that are very clear and some that are not in focus since it seems so far away. As days pass, she begins to see those opportunities in a new light, stopping more often to think and bring it into focus. The buyer also now picks up his camera casually like it belongs in hands just a ring belong on a finger.

As an image comes into focus on the screen and her visual mind, the moment is captured in that very time, and stored in their memory. One being natural and the other digital. Finally, when the time comes to buy a new camera or move forward, both him and her view life more positively, raising their head in pride.

As the chapter of high school, and his very first camera approaches its close, they take their experiences with them and move on to a firmer ground where the environment is a very familiar one. Their previous chapters soon become forgotten as life leads them elsewhere, but the memories remain, once in awhile reminding them of that one time and they don’t fade unless you willingly reach for the

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