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High school

?Many high school students in Vietnam are confused whether or not they should be enforced to participate in volunteering. On September 30th 2011, Ms. Pham Phuong Thao started to share her opinions about this concern by writing the “Student- Help Our Country” article in Community Action Blog spot. On the contrary side, one month after that by 3rd October 2011, Mr. Andy Nguyen has posted “Student Deserve Choice” article on the same Blog space. These two authors represent completely different views on the topic “volunteering and students”.

The aim of this essay is to critically respond to the author’s argument. In Pham’s article, she asserts that it should be compulsory for Vietnamese high school students to do volunteering for helping with their society problems, for example, the problems of orphan and kid street or flooding. She has two strong points for supporting her view. First of all, she thinks that the students to do volunteering will help the society and also save the government budget. On the second point, she expresses that there are even benefits that the students can gain by attending in voluntary works.

She explains in details that they can learn several useful soft skills such as leadership, communication interaction, planning, logistics in which they can apply in their future life. In contrast, Mr. Nguyen debates that it is impractical and unfair for high school students to be forced to do voluntary works in Vietnam. He also has two reasons for his argument He interprets that the student’s willingness to join in volunteering is the key point however in reality only few student want to donate like this way.

He explains if the government try forcing unwilling people to volunteer, this work make less efficient. Besides, he concludes the government should be held on responsible for country‘s problems instead of fully relying on students volunteering. There are several problems with Pham’s argument that when the students attend in voluntary works they can gain various useful skills for their future life. The purpose of volunteerism is that they need entourage to work according to their requirements rather than giving the students official skill trainings. Therefore, there is not guarantee that students can get

those skills are mentioned above. Besides, those skills are not suitable the kids who are studying high school period. Mr. Nguyen’s opinions deserve to get attention when he declares that the students do not concern on helping their humanity real problems such as the orphans, the street kids. And, they think they should have the right to make decision on their volunteering approach instead of forcing by government. It cannot be denied that Vietnamese high school students are affected by the poor quality education on the way from kindergarten to high school.

The school never focuses on teaching about human value, self motivation and living skills but teaching a lot of redundant academic knowledge. Therefore, the students do not really want to share their life to help person who bears one’s tribulations. In additional, people must acknowledge that the “volunteer” definition means “a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service” (http://www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/volunteer). According to the above definition the enforcement of voluntary tasks does not make sense.

Pham makes a weak statement when she supports that government should enforce the high school students to join in the volunteering due to lack of human resource. In contrary, Nguyen’ argument that government should solve country’s problems by themselves because the students are not eager to help, is more convincing. The government is the highest and the most powerful organization in the country so that they have full responsible for dealing with any national and social issues. They can determinate on using their yearly revenue.

Take, for example, there are many parents put their children in front of orphan house because they cannot afford their living cost. The government can hire labor to build more orphan house and funding for those associations instead of spending the budget on sport and recreational activities. Another reason is kids who are at the high school age focus on general academic knowledge. More to the point, they also have not enough abilities to handle with society’s issues. Furthermore, it is true to say that most of high school students think they make their own choice to contribute in volunteering because they feel more comfortable and enthusiasm.

Volunteering is a good works just in case kids do it with whole their hearts. In conclusion, Ms. Pham’s expression that government should force the high school students to join in the voluntary programs is not convincing the readers. In the contrast, Mr. Nguyen argues that the student can make their choice in volunteering is more persuading. Every nation always support for the freedom of their society so they respect the choice of their citizens. The most important is to provide the sufficient education so that people have enough knowledge to make their own decision.

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