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High performance

There are 3 different component dyes in the mix including blue dye, yellow dye and red dye. The blue dye has the highest Rf in chromatography ( Rf=1 in water and ethanol and isoprophy alcohol). The yellow dye has the lowest Rf in chromatography in ethanol and isoprophy alcohol and middle Rf in water (Rf=0.17 and isoprophy alcohol and lowest Rf in water (Rf=0.816 in ethanol, Rf= 0.678 in water and Rf=0.680 in isoprophy alcohol).

Real World Connection
HPLC-MS stands for High performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. HPLC-MS shares the same principle with paper chromatography. They both separate mixture using the difference in different affinities to mobile/stationary phase of different components. However, HPLC-MC is far different from paper chromatography. Firstly, HPLC-MC is composed of a liquid chromatography and a mass spectrometer. This instrumentation enables HPLC-MC to analyze a much wider range of components. While paper chromatography only qualitatively separate different component in a liquid mixture, HPLC-MS can quantitatively examine each component, including Compounds that are thermally labile, exhibit high polarity or have a high molecular mass.

Secondly, paper chromatography use solvent as mobile phase and paper as stationary phase, but in HPLC-MS the mobile phase is the mixture of liquid and the stationary phase is the solid through which liquid flow. Thirdly, paper chromatography can be carried out at normal temperature and pressure, but HPLC-MS sometimes needs to be done under high pressure and certain temperature to successfully drive the liquid through the solid and best demonstrate the difference in affinities of different liquid compound.

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