High Needs School Teacher Application Essay Essay

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High Needs School Teacher Application Essay

As a human with a certain compassion for those who are less fortunate than myself, I believe it is my innate responsibility to ensure that low-income school children receive the same educational benefits through my methodology of teaching. My past experiences in the field of education such as a piano teacher, a Spanish tutor, and childcare food program representative demonstrates my love for aiding children in every capacity.

The fact that the school is high need only makes my commitment more substantial. I have also completed 12 units of early childhood development at Pattern University in Los Angeles, California in preparation for any situational concerns that may arise in coping with students who are of low-income communities. It is without a doubt that I am ready for the challenges that may face me in the quest to provide educational support and attention for every individual student under my auspice within the high needs school.

Also, I will always ensure that all the needs of each student are met at my best ability through the use of observational techniques, setting goals for each student to achieve and executing a reward system for exceptional achievement. I believe that certain qualities I possess such as attentiveness, great communication skills as I speak three languages—Spanish, English and Korean, which makes me a great commodity or assistance for many low-income area schools as the area may be diverse.

Explain how a skill or ability that you possess will help you ensure high academic achievement for all students and provide an example of how you have effectively demonstrated this skill or ability in the past.

The counseling skills I obtained from working as an administrative assistant at the Student Assistant Center gives me a keener understanding of how to communicate effectively in the enhancement of academic achievements for all students. My intentions are to help these students make the daily transition from hardship at home to a serene enjoyable environment where the focus will be solely on the acquisition of knowledge.

I will implement conflict resolution initiatives in an effort to promote rules and regulations if a situation arises contrary to the policies of the school and the classroom. I am also committing myself to providing additional help to ensure that my students perform to the best of their ability. While working in the capacity of Spanish tutor at Beverly high school, my dedication to promoting excellence was exemplified by taking the time to assist students with their grammar skills, composition, and reading—all essential elements in effective ways of communication whether writing or speaking. Although, it took great diligence, it was worth working because of the benefits the student would receive as a result of enhancing these skills.

Briefly describe a professional, personal or academic challenge you have overcome. What steps did you take to address the challenge, and how will that experience contribute to your success as a Teaching Fellow?

As an administrative assistant at the Student Assistance Center at Los Angeles City College, I encountered many students who lacked the knowledge in the process of applying appropriately to be admitted into college. They were often overwhelmed with anxiety and fear due to the intricate process of applying to college.

I became their support system as I assisted them in the application process. Although I was not directly connected with these students, they felt a dependency towards me because of their unfamiliarity with what they needed to do to successfully submit their college application. To address this particular challenge though would seem simple in the eyes of many, I sat and reviewed all the requirements needed for the process and assisted them with whatever questions and answers they required to be addressed.

There were still many limitations as I could not go beyond just assisting them but as policy I was unable to write their application as that would be an unethical method of assistance and completely inappropriate. It is quite obvious that I do not support any unethical means to any given situation. If there are rules and regulations to be upheld, I will always adhere to them, as that is my duty as a Teaching Fellow. Teachers must always be guided by their own discretion as well as I intend to do.

This is an important factor because any misguided situation can become a major issue. As a Teaching Fellow, I will allow my past experiences to complement my future successes in the educational field by learning from mistakes in an effort to achieve a high standard of expectations necessary for great achievement for my students as well.

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