High-definition security system Essay

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High-definition security system

The purpose of this case study is to present the task of implementing a security video surveillance solution for DeVry University. DeVry University requests a high-definition security system that has the following features:

1. PoE (Power over Ethernet), to avoid additional wiring, the mounting of power bricks or using power injectors; 2. Segment camera IP traffic from the existing network for security reasons; 3. Support a minimum of 150 cameras; 4. Provide physical, as well as logical, redundancy; 5. Provide sufficient bandwidth for full HD support; 6. Comply with the Cisco hierarchical design model; 7. Integrate 1Gb uplinks; and 8. Minimize rack space. DeVry University has not yet proposed a budget for this project however they would like to complete the task in the most cost efficient manner.

Decision In accordance with the requests made by DeVry University in reference to the surveillance system the most efficient system would be the D-Link DCS-7513 Full HD Day & Night WDR Outdoor Bullet Camera is a high-definition professional surveillance camera suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises. The camera uses a high-sensitivity 2 megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor to deliver high quality video under a wide range of lighting conditions. A remotely adjustable varifocal lens with P-Iris ensures you can get the proper field of view, even after installation.

The all-in-one rugged design makes this camera ideal for reliable deployment in surveillance applications without the need for additional accessories. The DCS-7513 has an integrated mechanical IR filter and infrared LEDs to allow the viewing and recording of video even in complete darkness, up to 90 feet away from the camera. The DCS-7513 supports simultaneous streaming of H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG video to provide both high-quality and bandwidth efficient compression formats. H.264 produces a small file size, making it useful for extended recording with high detail or for use in low bandwidth networks.

MJPEG delivers excellent file integrity, ideal for situations which require extensive image detail. The DCS-7513 supports multiple independent streaming profiles, each with its own resolution, frame rate and codec. The DCS-7513 includes input and output ports for connectivity to external devices such as IR sensors, switches, and alarm relays. It also incorporate Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing it to be easily installed in a variety of locations without the need for supplemental power cabling. D-Link stands behind the quality of the DCS-7513 with an industry leading five year limited warranty.


In conclusion the suggested surveillance technology offered by D-Link would be the most suitable choice for DeVry University. D-Link offers a five year warranty for its products, the DCS-7513 provides many of the qualities requested by DeVry, and is accessible.

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