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Hierarchical structure-Tall Essay

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A tall hierarchical structure is when there are more levels of sub-division such as Managers, Assistant manager. When a business has a tall structure it becomes harder to communicate around the business as there is a much taller span a control. Geographical Division structure Marks and Spencer has a geographical structure therefore Stuart rose would be at the top followed by his Board of directors and then department managers and further more such as finance, Customer service and Distribution, and Marketing.

This structure is an advantage to Marks and Spencer because it is much easier for department to communicate more effectively. This helps them to meet their aims and Objective “Continue to invest in and grow in our core UK retail business, by introducing new goods and services” because if there was a problem within the store and the employee need to get the information to the board of directors then it would take long to communicate the information in contrast to a tall geographical structure, which allows them to provide a good service.

Marks and Spencer Organisational Structure To take a screenshot of Organisational Structure Below is an organisational structure for Marks and Spencer. The organisational Structure shows Stuart Rose at the top as he is the chairman of Marks and Spencer and he has the entire final says. Below Stuart Rose is eleven other boards of Directors of Stuart Rose who are in charge of Different departments. Below the Board of Directors would be the store manager and then assistant mangers and then staff etc. Job role at Marks and Spencer Human Resources

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The main job role of a Human resources department at Marks and Spencer is to to recruit and select the best candidate that meets the business needs. The human resources department is also responsible for training the employees at Marks and Spencer so that they can help in providing a good service to their customers. The human resources department are also responsible for keeping track records of staff records and managing staff welfare. As human resources manager they have the role of creating a job advert to advertise jobs.


The main job role of the Marketing department in Marks and Spencer is informing the customers that there is a product on sale and to persuade them to buy the product. The Marketing main roles involve collecting research that relates to their target market or their potential market. This information is then used by the marketing department to analyse the information and to make predictions about the Market and to create and place the advert. Without the marketing department it would be very unlikely that the products and Marks and Spencer would have sold, this shows how important this department is to the business.

Administration The Administration at Marks and Spencer main job role is the performance and management of the business. The administration at Marks and Spencer make the major decisions. The Administration at Marks and Spencer has the role to communicate between stores to keep up to date for the head office. The admin department are also in charge of payable accounts and their main responsibility is to pay the suppliers of Marks and Spencer for stock. They also have the responsibly for the money that is delivered by banks to the store. Finance

The finance department at Marks and Spencer are responsible for the money coming in and out of the business. The finance department at Marks and Spencer are also responsible for the payments of bills, staff wages and salaries. They are also responsible for the payment of good and services that are received by the company and the supplier’s money. Sales and Customer service At Marks and Spencer sales and customer service are the public face of Marks and Spencer and without the customer service department Marks and Spencer wouldn’t be able to deliver a service people talk about.

Marks and Spencer have Customer service desk with customer assistants throughout their stores were they all receive range of training that allows them to offer expert advice to customers at Marks and Spencer about products or service received. Research and Development The research and development department at Marks and Spencer are responsible for investigating potentials of a new product and new and more effective methods of producing his product.

The above job roles affect Marks and Spencer aims and objectives Continue to invest in and grow in our core UK retail business, by introducing new goods and services” because without theses department Marks and Spencer would not be able to provide a good service to their customers or their suppliers therefore these departments are very important in the management operation of Marks and Spencer. Leadership Leadership is a social process in which an individual influences the behaviour of the others without the use of threat of violence.

The different theories of leaderships they are positive self image, genuine ability to inspire, identifying problems and have visions to solve, Expert within their field and have out of the ordinary intelligence. Positive self image is where a member of a team or a group puts them selves forward to be a leader and take the leader of the group. By appointing themselves forward to become the leader of the team they are creating a positive self image of themselves, as people within the team will have positive opinions of the person for appointing themselves forward.

Genuine ability to inspire is where a team member of a group enthusiastically shows their skills to the rest of the group to motivate the rest of the group. This is another theory of leadership as that leader is motivating the rest of the group. There are many different methods of leadership such as Autocratic. Autocratic is a method that can be used by managers to set objectives for staff that they hope to meet, allocate them specific task to be carried out. The disadvantages of this method are that this needs high levels of supervision to ensure that the jobs are done appropriately to the standard.

This method uses poor motivation therefore staff feel more disappointed and unwilling to get on with things as there’s not much encouragement. Democratic is another method which is used by Marks and Spencer this methods is used to help in encouraging staff, this method has good communication within staff and there manager, staff are more motivated at Marks and Spencer by their manager due to constant appraisals for good work therefore staff are more willing to work harder and get more jobs done.

This affects Marks and Spencer aims and Objective “Continue to invest in and grow in our core UK retail business, by introducing new goods and services” because if staff are more motivated are constantly appraised for their hard work then this encourages staff to work harder and also provide good service to customers.

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