Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medication

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Medication for ADHD can cause a fantastic deal of overdose for children that have ADHD. Their bodies will get addicted to the medication when they can not do without them. If a patient stop taking it, their bodies will shut– down and start responding in an unusual way. These hidden symptoms can cause behavioral analysis that can examine the impact in medication that has kind in the kids body. All of it starts from genetics, which cause ADHD, so it can be detect from the medication that can assist the scenario.

This might be an advantage or a bad scenario. The genuine threat factor of taking medication could begin at birth or afterbirth.

As a baby, toddler, teen, even an adult they can be impacted. As a parents, and when they are informed, what the diagnose of their infant is, it could be tough to except, at direct the parents are in sock and can not believe this is occur in their household, and most of all to their baby boy or girl.

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All this take place as the year goes by, down through the years medication might trigger many behaviors, and disorder within the kid’s body. As a parent, one must view all signs a to make certain it will not occur throughout the time the medication is provided. Just to see, if there is any surprise threats relating to the medication (APA.org). As a young child the moms and dad ought to be seeing the effect of the medication.

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However, if the child is, acting out, eating, sleeping, and also feeling in a different way (CDC, 2014).

This could be a problem. Then we have the teenager, the parents should be able to observe some major behavior with attitude, which will cause hidden dangers to the brain, by the way the teenager is doing in school, different activity at home or not at home. He or she can be in trouble and the parents will not know. By now the children should be our main interests, which are under the umbrella of ADHD or ADD. Their personality can change at the ages of 6-13. At this time, there could be many transactions of behavior disorder with attitude that can occur. This can be from the medication side-effect or how it react in the child body(CDC.gov).These behavior could cause confusion, like of understanding, and not knowing who they are. The situation can get of hand, if the parents let it go too far without checking it out. The problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Especially, if there is an attitude changes that can be caused from the medication (CDC.gov). ADHD or ADD is found in the family genetics, also. Which plays, an important factor, and cause the medication to react in brain injury, premature infant delivery and with birth weight, after the hidden danger of ADHD medication. These factors, can give the general public a reason not to use these medication that is effecting all ages of children that are related to ADHD or ADD and from the medication that is given to the children for ADHD or ADD (APA.org).

The cause of ADHD or ADD is a risk factor, in an effect to find better ways to relate and reduce the medication that is taken so that it will give the children a chance to correct the disorder from the medication. As a parent, one should not add any problem. When they know, what the problem is, and know that it is related to genetics and from the medication. But, genetics does play an important role. What the parents does not k, now, there are hidden side effect and dangers in the medication. Such as, too much sugar, environment exposure (lead) and etc. There are many things, which are in the medication that does not agree with everyone’s body (CDC.gov). Therefore it was, said, earlier about sleeping, as adult should get enough sleep to function, a check-up regularly, an infant should get the amount of sleep that he or she needs to function, also. As, well, as an infant to an adult, see a health care provider for any health concern or problem. For an adult, he or she should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily in order to function. But, as as a adult we do not get enough rest.

Lack of rest or sleep can be a risk factor for many chronic diseases condition, such as, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. Can you believe it, that all of these diseases are cause by not getting enough sleep. We, also have eating disorder, which is serious also, and could cause problem later on during the person life time. It is common in females than males. It also starts during adolescence or early adulthood or during a childhood stage. All of these can come from ADHD or ADD(CDC.gov). Here is another way that hidden dangers of ADHD or ADA medication can do harm to a child and that is medication during pregnancy. It can do a lot of harm to the the baby before it is born.

This will be prescription and over-the-counter medication, and dietary or herbal products. Talk to your ( a) doctor before all medication is taken. Just by doing that, the mother can do no harm to the baby. So say, 10% of medication approved by U.S. Foods, and Drugs Adminustration(FDA) since 1980 have enough information to stop or for the reason of rick for birth defects. Make sure, if the mother was taking any medication before she find out she is pregnant. She should not stop, keep taking them. Because, if she has high blood pressure, depression she might need to continue to stay health while or during pregnancy. There can be many hidden dangers of ADHD while taken medication during anytime of the life as an infant, child, toddle, teenagers, adult, and as a elder, there should be control while taking medication at all time.


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Hidden Dangers of ADHD Medication

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