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Hey, a Girl Can Dream, Right?

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Have you ever felt like jumping on your teacher, shake her really, really hard, and ask her what the hell she’s on about? , or when she’s going to shut the f*** up? Or tell her that you’re really not interested how atoms or molecules stick together? Well I have! I just wanted to show you something that happened to me, people tell me it’s funny, I really don’t see why. Here it is.

We were in History class, me and my best friend Jarlene, our teacher, Miss Stanley was talking about how King Henry Vlll, had became king, or was it how World War 1 started? I really wouldn’t know, because as hard as I tried to concentrate, my mind drifted off to……Brian…

‘No!’ I thought to my self ‘ I’m going to listen, and I’m going to learn’

So I looked down at the white paper in front of me, that was supposed to be covered with notes.

Instead it had ‘B-Rok(tm)’ written inside a small heart, under it an all too familiar quote:

‘when you love someone put their name in a circle, not a heart, because hearts can be broken but circles go on forever…’ then as if someone was about too accuse me of committing a crime I quickly scribbled a circle over the heart.

Seriously who could actually concentrate on history, when the very present sticks to my mind like gum?

To console myself, I looked in my friend, Jarlene’s direction.

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I thought that maybe she wouldn’t be paying attention either, then I wouldn’t be the only one. But she seemed to be actually listening.

‘Ahh, who cares about history! Anyway one more unheard lesson isn’t going to do me any harm’ But a knock on the door disturbed me trying to daydream.

I looked at the door way, and there stood a 17 year old Brian Littrell look-a-like.

“Aaaaahh!!!” I screamed out loud. When my brain reacted to what I’d just done, I thought ‘lie!’ So I did “I hurt my ankle!” I said, through clenched teeth, pretending to be in pain.

Jarlene who was sitting beside me, gave me a weird look

“shhh!” I whispered to her, before the teacher and Mr Littrell look-a-like, rushed to my side.

” Zo�, what happened?” Miss Stanley asked, worried. Mr look-a-like, peered over her shoulder also a bit concerned.

“Jarlene…kicked me” I said clutching my ankle. Jarlene threw her hands up, giving in. “accidentally” I added, as though I hadn’t finished my sentence.

“Lets get you to the medical suite…can you walk?” she asked me, I kept my eyes on my foot, wouldn’t want to give away that I was lying, or blushing.

“…umm…” I answered truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I could stand up with out fainting or something

“of course not, what was I thinking” she scanned the crowd for someone strong, her eyes fell on the Brian look-a-like. She put her arm on his forearm, “What’s you’re name?”

“Brian Littrell” Jarlene’s face shot up, as she recognized that name, from my obsessions, then she looked at me. I confirmed all her suspicions with a slight nod, and every thing I was doing and why were suddenly clear to her.

“Brian…could you help Zo� to the Medical suite?”

“of course” he pushed through the whole class which was surrounding my desk, to see what was going on. He picked up my arm and draped it around his shoulder and held it with his other hand. Then he put his arm around my waist and held it tightly, probably so I wouldn’t fall.

We walked or more like hopped out of the class like this. Then we were out, on our own.

‘this is your chance’ I thought ‘say something intelligent’

“Which way?” he asked, confused.

“left…thanks for helping me”

“no problem”

“are you new in town ? I haven’t seen you around here before”

“yeah, I’m staying for about a year and a half or 2”

“oh cool”

We hopped along a bit more, until we reached a clean, white door, with a big red sign on it that said ‘Medical Suite’. He let go of my arm to knock and turn the knob, then he held it again. He walked me over to the old, uncomfortable-looking couch, and helped me sit down. He sat down beside me and said

“Zo� I know your ankle doesn’t hurt”

“what? How?”

“I’m psychic” he answered casually. He put his left foot on his right leg, and threw his body back against the couch, relaxing.

“how are you 17?”

“who said I’m 17?”

“you walked into the class, aren’t you a student?”

“Christ, no!”

“trying my best not to sound rude or anything, but What the hell are you doing here?”

“heard you needed help, so I came down for you”


“from up above”

I let out a little laugh “that’s funny I always figured you were sent from above, especially for me”

“yeah , well…” he picked at his shoe “I just came down to do…this…” he cupped my face with his hands. They were so soft, so warm. His face came closer to mine, eliminating that space between us that was beginning to annoy me by now. As his lips reached mine a wave of heat swept over my body. He pulled away from me and smiled.

“you know I wasn’t exactly truthful about staying here for awhile…I’m leaving in about 10 minutes”


“you do realize that when ever you need a bit encouragement I’ll come down and help you with that? I’ll never leave you on your own, Zo�. Please believe me when I say this.”

“I believe you” I said honestly. He smiled again that sweet smile of his, and oh boy did he make me melt.

“well now that your ankle is all cured, we have to get you back to that history class. These daydreams have got to stop.”

I stared out to the white wall, realizing that it was my notes paper. A familiar song popped into my head ‘ oops…I did it again’ Oh well back to earth with no Brian Angel, to take me away from this sooo uninteresting class.

Miss Stanley’s voice seemed to go on and on and on…oh God, Shut up! Finally, the bell rang. I collected my books and headed for the door, when one of my classmates, Rani, called out to me

“Zo�, are you better?”


“your foot silly, doesn’t it hurt anymore?”

“OH MY GOD!!!” I span around, and saw just what I had expected to:

A light brown-haired figure, wearing baggy jeans, a Kentucky Wildcats cap that looked around 17, walked towards an open door, with the brightest blinding light I’d ever seen.

The only thing I said was


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