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Hero in Kenneth Oppel's Book Airborn

Categories: Hero

Kenneth Oppel has developed the main character, Matt Cruse, very well using Joseph Campbell`s theory on the archetype of the hero`s journey. The novel`s main character, Matt Cruse, is a hero because of his call to destiny, his journey in the book, and the return, reward and reintegration in to the society. Firstly, the evidence that proves that Matt Cruse is a hero in this book is the fact that he was called to his destiny. There are two evidence that lead up to Matt Cruses` destiny.

The two evidence are when he rescued Benjamin Molloy and when Benjamin was about to die, Benjamin Molloy said about magnificent creatures that he saw but Matt passed those predictions as the ravings of a dying man. The second evidence that proves that he was called to his destiny is the fact that Kate De Vries, second female character, comes on board the aurora and tells Matt that the man that Matt saved a year before was her grandfather, Kate trusts Matt enough to let him see her grandfather’s diary.

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Matt reads about what Kate’s grandfather saw and gets amazed and starts to believe that the creatures really exist. Matt rescues Benjamin Molloy, Kate’s grandfather, in the first chapter where all the characters are introduced and the captain asks matt to go in an arm that is aboard the aurora and rescue the damaged man in the hot air balloon. Hero’s are always brave and so is Matt.

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““Mr. Cruse, I look at you, and of all the men, you’re the one who shows not the slightest hint of fear. Am I right? “Yes, sir. I have no fear of heights. ” Matt said ”

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