Hermeneutical Orientation Essay

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Hermeneutical Orientation

In the context of Paul Ricoeur’s fervor with regard to the issues that revolve around religion, he is most famous in the idea that the perception on religion is wide-ranging hence contains distinctive appropriation on the light of Husserlian phenomenology which tends to seek on structuralism as well as with linguistic analysis. As stressed in his book Figuring the Sacred: Religion, Narrative and Imagination—he already gave out his standpoints on what he has seemingly observed as humanistic and societal problems on the verity of religion.

Further, it is evident that in the midst if his intellectual pilgrimage in scribbling with the aide of is own convictions, he ahs tremendously exhibited a generosity of spirit and a rather steadfast sagacity over sensitivity on what tends to take occurrence in the present making him a representative thinker—thus has been criticized as that with a matter of temperament. Analysis My title expresses in a few words a certain number of assumptions that it will be my task to clarify as far as is possible in the space allotted me.

In that certain line, a reader may one clearly notice his respect for other people’s opinion or credit over the idea that all individuals are entitled over their own opinion. In such sense, it already creates an enticing hysteria with a presumed connotation that “this author shall offer a new formula of thought and a fresh ocean of assumptions based on his own perceptions”—one valid reason why many writers has decided to write about his thoughts, saying that these thoughts are “distinctive” and must be critically studied and comprehended for further understanding, nevertheless, remain shallow for that matter.

Discussion The specific religious experience of every individual greatly varies depending on the person’s cultural background, geographical location, family ties among many others. As culture defines a great part on how the individual perceives the world and his or her corresponding behaviors, it also determines the relation of the individual with the prominent religion with respect to the society’s cultural background.

In essence, Ricoeur placed great emphasis on the significant role portrayed by education in the upkeep of the democratic principles of any democratic country as well as the significance of such a democratic institution in the development of the “quality of education being catered to the people through democratic actuations and democratic thinking” (Rockefeller, 1994). Conclusion

A key to understanding the profound effect of the author in the field of philosophy, theology, religious studies and biblical interpretation as well as his precepts that directed towards his ideas on religion dwells on his notion on what may count as useful to man on given circumstances. That is, one should great emphasis on taking the leap of faith both when necessity calls for it and when the relative circumstances in one’s life tell one that a belief in a religion and its doctrines is held to be beneficial to certain degrees.

It should be noted; moreover, that this idea does not necessarily entail that one ought to simple engage in any religion one wishes to. Rather, one ought to relegate oneself to a religion that one deems as right and fit in serving one’s religious needs. There is more to explore in the mind of Ricoeur, his greatness and hermeneutical orientation transforms norms to queries.

References: Ricoeur, P. (1995). Figuring the Sacred: Religion, Narrative, and Imagination (D. Pellauer, Trans. ). Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Publishers. Rockefeller, S. (1994). Democracy, Education, and Religious Experience. In John Dewey: Religious Faith and Democratic Humanism (Reissue ed. , pp. 221-269): Columbia University Press.

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