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Herbert Mullin Crimes Case Study

Mullin Herbert Mullin was born in Salina California which happens to be the anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake as well as Einstein’s death. He was the youngest between him and his sibling, Patricia. He was raised by both parents Jean and Bill Mullin. He didn’t have any problems in school he was popular and physically attractive. He had a good childhood but through his life span he made a lot of wrong decisions that includes drug abuse which aggravated schizophrenia.

In high school he had a lot of friends and was quite popular. He played football and had a steady relationship and was voted most likely to succeed.

At the age of eighteen he attended Cabrillo College to study engineering. In the summer of 1967 he graduated with a two year degree in road engineering and enrolled at San Jose State College change his major to philosophy and took on the hippie lifestyle. At the age of twenty-one In June 1965 people began to think that his sanity was deteriorating due to the fact that he built a shrine in his bedroom to Dean, his friend that was killed in a car accident the summer after graduation.

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At the age of nineteen he first experienced LSD which lead him to experimenting more with marijuana and LSD.

At the age of twenty one he was arrested for possession of marijuana. At the age of 21 at a family dinner he started showing signs of schizophrenia which was aggravated by drug abuse. At the age of twenty two Herbert Mullin began treatment as a resident of the community drug abuse prevention center in Santa Cruz.

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Later that year Herbert Mullin was committed to the psychiatric ward of San Luis Obispo County General Hospital because with is mental disorder he was a danger to others, himself and gravely disabled. A month later he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

He was not one that cared to take his medication. In the summer of 1970 he was diagnosed as a schizo-affective schizophrenia. In 1970 he began blaming his parents for his illness and in result took them out of his will. Herbert killed people believing that if he started to kill people it will lessen the chances of another hurricane happening in his area. He did this by only killing random Caucasians from the age of 4 to 72. He bought his materials to the crime scene such as a gun, knife, and baseball bat. He was a psychotic visionary. Mullin had no developmental problems according to Erikson.

He went through all the stages where he experience love and finding out what personality he wants to embrace. This is the point and time when he realizes that he is a bisexual. The motivation behind it seems to be the fact that he was born the day that Albert Einstein died and the anniversary of San Francisco Earthquake. Freud would have said that he is anticathexis because he gives off the sense that his ego is blocking the socially unacceptable needs of id. Mullin for example when he found out that his target moved he went after him and killed him as planned. Afterwards he couldn’t resist the urge to go back and kill the messenger who could have been a witness in the killing incident that happened before her and her family.


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