Helping in Schools Essay

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Helping in Schools

1. Identify the current legislation relating to equality and inclusion aspects. (LO 1.1)

2. Write up your “Anti-discrimination Application/ Assessment Worksheet”, completing one row independently. (LO 2.1, 2.2)

3. Briefly reflect on your how your own attitudes, values and behaviour might impact on your work with children and young people by completing the following statements:

a. It is important to support the rights of all children and young people to participation and equality of access because….(LO 1.2)

b. It is important to support anti-discriminatory practice in schools because …(LO 2.4)

c. I could challenge discrimination by…(LO 2.5)

d. Avoiding stereotyping groups of people is particularly important in school because…(LO 2.3)

e. It is important to be a role model in the area of equality and inclusion because…..(LO 2.3)

f. It is important to value and celebrate Cultural Diversity because…I can contribute to this by… (LO 1.3, 2.3)

g. As a volunteer I have a particularly important role to play in promoting equality and inclusion because…(LO 2.3)

4. Briefly describe a display in your school and say how you feel it celebrates diversity and equal opportunities or challenges discrimination. Alternatively you could suggest a plan for a display which would celebrate diversity, promote equal opportunities or challenge discrimination in school.

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