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Helen Keller Essay Examples

Essay on Helen Keller

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Helen Keller Study Journal

Despite objections from Helen's family (especially her father), Annie believed that Helen could be taught and was very persistent. Helen's mother, genuinely concerned for her daughter, feared for her and constantly worked against Annie by trying to protect Helen. Still, Annie fought against them and refused to give up and give in. She had been hired to teach Helen that that is what she intended to...

The Day Language Came into My Life

The author was able to break a barrier of language, and find the way of her life, as if she detected a harbor in the sea. To be honest, I am never able to emphasize with Hellen Keller because I have not had any problem about learning language. I took leaning language with my mouth and ears for granted, and I thought everyone has opportunity to learn the language to communicate with the world. Howe...

Summary The story of my life By Helen

Miss Sullivan dragged Helen’s attention to the “mispronounced words”. Helen had to depend on the vibrations felt by her fingers, the movement of the mouth and expressions of the face. Discouragement wearied her efforts initially but as soon as she thought of the joy of her family, she felt optimistic. Helen gave up the manual alphabet method to develop her speech even though Miss Sullivan an...

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The Miracle Worker

On the room, James Keller, brother of Helen had finally stood to say his mind. James is usually just a follower of his father. He obeys Captain in everything. But this time he told Captain that they should let Annie to do what she wants and that they shouldn’t interfere with them. At the pump, Helen is trying to say the word WATER. She knows that this word can be a beginning for a brighter life ...

Helen Keller's Life

She met every U. S. president from Grover Cleveland to Lyndon Johnson, and played a major role in focusing the world's attention on the problems of the blind and the need for preventive measures. Miss Keller won numerous honors, including honorary university degrees, the Lions Humanitarian Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and election to the Women's Hall of Fame. During her lifetime, she ...

The Life Story Of Helen Keller English Literature

In October 1961 Helen suffered the first of a series of strokes, and her public life was to draw to a close. She was to spend her remaining years being cared for at her home in Arcan Ridge. Her last years were not however without excitement, and in 1964 Helen was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award, by President Lyndon Johnson. A year later she was elec...

Helen Keller And Institutions For The Disabled People

Perkins School for the blind brought comfort into Helen's life where she began to sympathize with the other students who faced similar challenges. By the age of ten she was fluently able to read which all were taught only by touch through Annie for instance in her early childhood Helen recalls the sense of touch being a big part of her learning experience "I did nothing but explore with my hands a...

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