Helen and Holmes

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Holmes is really observant as he recognized that Helen had come by train and that she must have started her journey early. Also, at the crime scene, the bed was attached to the floor which Holmes left Holmes thinking. When Dr. Roylott visited Holmes and leaves trying to scare him by bending the poker, Holmes clearly shows that he is not scared by saying ‘I am not quite so bulky, but if he had remained, I might have shown him that my grip was not much more feeble than his own’, Holmes is calm in the face of danger.

This is proven when he is confronted by Dr Roylott.

He does not get agitated or panicked which shows he does his job professionally. At the end of the story Holmes shows he is unrepentant by not feeling sorry about Dr. Roylott’s death. This indicates he does not get his emotions mixed with his job but most importantly, he feels that justice has been served.

Dr. Roylott is a typical villain as he is male. Most villains in older stories are male and older. But villains now are both male and female so there is no way of telling the obvious. Also Roylott is chillingly clever as he qualified as a doctor and he traced Helen down Holmes house.

This shows he could be capable of anything and could come up with a fantastic plan. “When a doctor goes wrong he is the first of criminals. ” He has nerve and he has knowledge.

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Roylott has no friends apart from the gypsies. This suggests he is an unsociable person. Grimsby is a bad-tempered and violent man. “He beat his native butler to death and escaped a capital sentence. ” Also, “the five livid spots, the marks of four fingers and a thumb, were printed upon Helen’s white wrist. ” This shows he could have the nerve to do it again. “Dr.

Roylott abandoned his attempts in practice in London and took Helen and Julia to live with him in the old ancestral house to Stoke Moran Manor House. ” This shows his life is spiraling down due to the death of his wife. Also, a terrible change came over Dr. Roylott at this time. “Instead of making friends and visiting neighbours, he shut himself up in the house and seldom came out save to indulge in a ferocious quarrels with whoever might cross his path. ” This shows his reaction and withdraws to his wife’s death in his personality as he becomes stubborn and doesn’t go out anywhere.

This could indicate that her death was devastating to him. Lastly, Roylott threatens Holmes by saying ‘Don’t you dare meddle with my affairs’. This proves he has something to hide and he is a suspicious character. Julia and Helen Stoner are typical victims. They are both women who are defenceless. Back in older stories, most stories would have a damsel in distress character which is the case for Helen and Julia Stoner. They both feel unsafe because of the wild animals being kept as pets. This shows that their heart is never at rest. To add to that, Helen is desperate for help as she goes to visit Holmes.

She is shivering because of fear and terror. “Her face all drawn and grey, with restless frightened eyes like those of a hunted animal. ” This shows something terrible has happened ans she does not know what to do so she confides in Holmes. To add to that, a puzzling mystery is established, raising questions and suspense. Julia’s death was very tragic. Her room was locked due to the wild animals roaming freely, and she was alone in the room at the time of her death. This is a common situation for a victim to be alone when they die. Helen heard the low unidentified whistle that her sister mentioned to her.

Also, Julia was trying to give Helen some kind of information but didn’t get to finish as she was interrupted by her last convulsion. This raises questions such as: what was she trying to say? Did she see her murderer? Julia was found in her room ‘her face blanched with terror, her hands groping for help, her whole figure swaying to and fro like that of a drunkard’. This description makes the reader imagine what the scene would be like. For Helen and Holmes this is puzzling as there is no known cause of death and the way that she died is terrifying.

Her last words were,”oh, my god! Helen! It was the Speckle Band! The Speckle Band! ” This could have been the thing that killed her or a piece of evidence that leads us to the killer. This makes the reader ask questions and try and work out what The Speckle Band is. As well as that, there was a bell rope attached from the ceiling. This is odd as the bed was clamped to the floor which meant Julia could never move her bed. It must always be in the same position to the ventilator and to the rope but it was clearly never meant for a bell-pull.

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