Hedonism vs Eudemonism Essay

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Hedonism vs Eudemonism

The hedonic activity that I engaged in was researching and purchasing a new laptop. I didn’t “need” one because I already had an older netbook (slow) and another laptop (big and heavy). I spent many hours online happily seeking the perfect combination of speed, battery life, graphics, size and price, and finally ended up with a Lamborghini Asus 12” netbook. Even if I couldn’t afford the car, now I could have the branded computer, including a deep, throaty (actually tinny) vroom, vroom sound with evey boot up.

All aspects of the purchase went smoothly, the sale price brought me immediate joy and the anticipatory wait for the product was exciting. Upon receipt of the computer, my thrill diminished a little: the laptop was a bit larger and heavier than I had hoped. I almost decided to buy a different computer when common sense prevailed. I kept the laptop and chose to live with any perceived limitations. The eudemonic activity that I engaged in was giving all of my household furniture to a charity that helps refugee families new to our country. (I’m planning a move to another city, so it’s not quite as crazy as it sounds).

I phoned the charity and arranged pick up of my leather living-room suite, solid wood dining room set and heirloom bedroom furniture plus other miscellaneous items. I also had to get a friend to be there when they arrived because I had to work. I was nervous about the prospect of giving away my “cherished” things and was unsure of whether I was making a mistake. However, afterward I received a thank you letter from one of the volunteers that made it all worthwhile. I can reread it anytime I want and it is worth far more than any amount of material goods.

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